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WELLLLLLL, there’s no escaping the people that are already spamming our Newsfeeds with “100 days until Christmas”, I have a sister that starts her Christmas Day count down, the day after Christmas Day, I mean serrrrriously.

I’m not a scrooge by any means, but Christmas hasn’t overly excited me for a few years now. Although, having said that, this is our first Christmas with a baby and we literally could not be any happier if we tried, to be totally honest with you! Obviously we can’t go over-board, well we can but there’s absolutely no point, Oscars only going to be around 9 & 1/2 months old, so it’s not worth it as he won’t remember it. However, I’m all for keepsakes. Me & Cameron have a Christmas Eve box every year with new pyjamas, a Yankee Candle, a selection of DVDs, some nice choccies, fluffy socks & a little treat from each other that we know we’ll love! I’ll obviously be doing Oscar a Christmas Eve box – just not this year.

However, something I am going to do for him every year is, a letter from Santa, just to him.
I found the perfect place to do this on: and they were kind enough to offer me the opportunity review it!

It’s so easy to use and just absolutely incredible! Cameron was so sceptical, literally he thought it was going to be super cheesy and just look shite, but even Cameron said it looked SO authentic – I opted for the fully personalised letter by me, in a package with; the good child certificate which is SO CUTE, 4 free colouring sheets (which Cameron has said he wants to do) the ‘Santa Stop Here’ door hanger and the Reindeer food as well, because we can’t leave Rudolf out can we?! All of that for just £8.99! BARRRRGGGGAAIIIIIN ALLLLLERRRRTTTT.

Personalised Letter From Santa

Personalised Letter From Santa

I found this website so easy to navigate – like seriously, once I’d chosen what package I actually wanted, I was well off in my own little world of writing! It explains to you the 3 steps you need, in order to get the letter absolutely spot on!

  • First step is literally to customise your letter with the text that you want from start – right through to the finish
  • Second step; you’re given the opportunity to preview the letter, the way you’ve currently drafted it and if that’s OK with you, that’s how it’ll be printed
  • Then when you’ve double checked your letter, you then get to select the day you want it posting, personally I would choose the earliest date just to make sure mine arrived; so then the third step is to check out! Add that baby to your basket, and checkkkkkkk out

.Personalised Santa Letter

Personalised Santa Letter


Once you’ve entered the correct details for your Billing Address, it’ll then ask you to enter DELIVERY & ENVELOPE details – these babies are the finishing touches to your personalised letter. This is how it arrives through your letter box! So this should in theory be addressed to your child, just to make it that little bit more special – the people over at Magic Santa Letter have been SO GENEROUS and have given all of you at Bump, Baby & You the chance to receive 30% off plus free delivery with the code:


See in the above photo, it removes £2.70 from the total and calculates your shipping to be free – I’m unsure how long this is available for, but for only £6.29 for everything I got, it’s an absolute bargain!

I mean, holy Santa Letters; here’s a photo of mine, how it arrived and once I’d opened it all.
I am so glad I chose the bundle I did, it’s all so authentic and beautiful – it actually made me feel like Christmas was coming alive again this year!

.Personalised Santa Letter

Personalised Santa Letter

Safe to say it’s beyond beautiful – if you’ve got older kids, this will be hugely appreciated, if you’ve got a new baby and you’re looking to start off a new tradition just for your new baby – I can definitely whole heartedly recommend this!

This will definitely be our new future tradition for Oscar.

As always, all my love, A. XO

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This post was written exclusively, for Bump, Baby & You, by Amber Rowe.

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