I’m HELL-A serious when I write you this list, screen shot this list and print it the fuck out and slap it somewhere you’ll see it on a daily basis, to remind you, my perception is different to yours and I think you’re great!

10 Reasons Why You’re A Great Mum:

  1. Your kid is still alive
    SERIOUSLY, all jokes aside, Newborns are scary as fuck and they’re like a Rubix Cube, only difference is you have a few hours to figure out what to do! You’re now cradling, supporting and caring for a new born baby, you’re a great Mum. 
  2. You’re winging the shit out of life
    Hell yes, none of us know what we’re doing, we’re winging our way through every day ending in y right now, sometimes with baby sick in our hair, or piss on our only clean t-shirt but do you know what? We’re getting through every day, POP THE PROSSECCO HONEY, you’re a great Mum.
  3. Your patience level is now: EXPERT
    You can take a deep breath when your baby is violently screaming in your ear, throwing themselves around in your arms like they’re mid-exorcism and you can still fix the solution, you’re a great Mum
  4. You’re basically a BodyBuilder
    Like when the fuck did a Health Visitor or a Midwife tell you how god damn heavy these tiny people can get? Shit I know it’s not rocket science, but I didn’t expect to be carrying 10 Ton Tilly around the house with me on a daily basis. Jodie Marsh eat ya heart out baby girl, you’re a great Mum
    Remember those days when you had princess curls? Beach waves? Spontaneous flick-y ends thanks to your straighteners? No? Me neither sister. Wake up, give your hair a fierce but fast Beyoncé shake (because you’ve got 2 seconds to get to your kid before they turn into Houdini and launch themselves out their cotbed) and tie that shit into the ‘MUM BUN’. Rock it honey, you’re a great Mum
  6. “You sleep like a baby”..
    Oh right, that’ll be on the 10th of fucking never then. You’ve now gone from being that woman that shared meme’s on Facebook with content such as: “Don’t speak to me unless I’ve had 12 hours sleep and a cup of coffee” – to being a Mother that can confidently function on 3 hours. LET ME GET A HIGH 5, you’re a great Mum.
  7. You feed your baby, on demand
    This may sound like the simplest of tasks, but my god, it’s not, one minute you’re sat with only 5 minutes left of your programme on catch-up that’s been in the planner for about 8 weeks, next thing you know, FULL BLOWN PANIC because the baby is having a complete meltdown. They fed 15 minutes ago but helllllll no that’s not enough. Whether you’re breast feeding, bottle feeding, cluster feeding – these kids know what they want and you give it to them! You’re a great mum. 
  8. You’ve opened your heart
    I don’t think sometimes, we all know the true meaning of love, until we have a baby. Then your heart just expands, you’ve all of a sudden got; incomprehensible amounts of love for such a tiny, pure little soul. Who even knew we could love to that extent? Yes lady, you’re a great Mum.
  9. You still make a house, a home
    Somehow, the superwoman alter-ego you embrace, manages to find the time to have a hoover, a quick clean, smash out some washing-up and to not only wash and dry your clean bedding and laundry, but your littles’ too and put it all away! Give yourself a pat on the back sister, you’re a great Mum. 
  10. At the end of the day, you still don’t put yourself first
    When the day starts to die down, your baby is in bed and all you want to do is launch yourself on to the sofa and just close your eyes – you still take care of everyone else. Warm dinner or takeaway, dishes or boxes for the rubbish, TV Planner or Netflix, cold or hot drinks – you still do it and that honey, not only makes you a great Mum, but a great woman too. 


Keep all this in mind when your day is over-whelming, it’s so so important that you appreciate yourself for the astounding job that you’re doing!
All my love, always, A. XO
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This post was written exclusively for Bump, Baby and You, by Amber Rowe.

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