I am forever seeing, left right and centre – that people use non branded filters in their Perfect Prep machines, basically to save money. Since i’ve been paying attention to this trend, I’ve realised more people are experiencing problems with their Perfect Preps’ once they’ve used a cheap filter, such as,

Broken Machines. Voided Warranties. Overload of mould. Problems with babies tummies due to not filtering the water properly.

So I decided to experiment – the results I got, tell you the truth? I was not ready for and I 100% regret doing it, because of the condition it left my machine in, however, this should be all the proof you need moving forward.

So yesterday, I ran a cleaning cycle on my Perfect Prep Machine, drained it bone dry, used Milton Sterilising Wipes to make sure any baddies were banished and then popped in a NON BRANDED FILTER. 
• (I am aware this voids my warranty – this was an experiment)
I then proceeded to fill my Perfect Prep up, let it sit to fill up, drained and filled it up once more with potable water.

Left it overnight as my child had already gone to bed..

This afternoon, around 12PM, I ran another cleaning cycle – to once again empty my machine completely. (This was exactly what one of our members reported she did, when she found the same as me)
Once it was emptied and my water indicator came on and the cleaning cycle ended, I lifted my Hopper out of my Machine and almost threw up.

I video called the Group Chat (all the BBY Admins I work with) to show them exactly what I was finding AS I was finding it.
I was greeted to a Hopper FULL of mould, a filter with mouldy particles around it & the base of my machine was absolutely vulgar.


I run regular weekly cleaning cycles and my filter is ALWAYS changed to the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep filter, the same day the light comes on.. so there is absolutely no reason for this to have happened. In the 8 months I have been using my Perfect Prep with the Tommee Tippee filters, I have NOT had one single problem.

This has been documented MANY MANY times when using non branded filters.
I am aware my machine is no longer sanitary, I am once again aware I have voided my warranty but it’s worth it if it prevents you all from ever having a machine this unsanitary due to using a non-branded filter that isn’t sold in conjunction to this machine. 

I am not slating this machine, I simply wanted to put these accusations to the test and see if there was any truth behind them.
I understand this doesn’t happen to everyone but it has happened TOO often now, purely because they don’t work in conjunction to help filter the water the way the Tommee Tippee Filters do. (As shown below)


I have also made Tommee Tippee themselves aware of my findings.
I sincerely hope this helps discourage the use of cheap, non branded filters.

All my love, always, AXO
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This post was written exclusively for Bump, Baby and You by Amber Rowe.

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