If you’re an active user on social media, you’ll have seen some of the glorious FlatLay inspirations that cross your eye paths and entice you to purchase different items, to mix and match and help create new outfits for your Tiny Terrors!

FlatLays are one of my favourite things to do over on my Instagram, they’re so much fun and they can make so many purchases worth while and that little bit more enjoyable!

Now that Winter has crept up on us – for me, it’s all about layers. Tops paired with Jumpers, Hoodies and Sweatpants for warmth and comfort, stunning Knitwear with acid washed jeans, something to keep those cool tones in the air yet keep you warm, whilst looking like you’re ready for the day!

Babies clothes are also incredible, addictive and so stylish.

Here’s a few of my more recent purchases, paired with other bits and pieces! All links to the individual items that are still available, i’ll drop below the photos!

  • I’m a huge fan of cotton Dungaree Sets, you can dress them up and dress them down, this is gorgeous for a playdate with some nice fresh white socks, it comes with the blue long sleeved vest, but you could easily changed it over for a white one for an even fresher look!


  • LOVE Oscar in a fresh set of sweatpants, he looks so comfortable and being a boy, he just suits the look on a whole! Khaki is such a nice colour, I’ve always loved it in the Winter months, so when I saw Cud & Co were doing a Beanie that could be paired with Parkas/Sweatpants/Hoodies etc, I couldn’t not buy it. The Huaraches in black and white, for me, just set the entire outfit, nothing beats a pair of clean kicks!
  • This outfit for me is more of a, quick pop out to the shops or back into town for something we forgot – type of day. It’s really nice and casual, the Jeans are stretch so they’re equally as comfortable, the grey is quite a calm mellow tone and the black Hoody paired with Kicks & Jeans just sets it off right. Stick a Jacket/Coat on the top and you’re sorted!
Fur Parka, Camouflage T-Shirt and Black Hoody paired with Black Sweatpants

Fur Parka, Camouflage T-Shirt and Black Hoody paired with Black Sweatpants

  • This outfit gives me LIFE. This is the pinnacle of why I love dressing my little boy, it’s absolutely everything. The tones are cold but calm enough to compliment the Season, it screams casual but he could easily go out for dinner in this and there’s nothing but comfort in all the items pictured above! The camouflage T-Shirt has got glitter accents and the Parka is reflective and COMPLETELY water resistant with such nice sheepskin inside, ah it’s just perfect!

I hope you’ve enjoyed all of these as much as I have, but remember, if you go and make ANY of these purchases, I absolutely want to know about it! Be sure to head on over to our Instagram and include the hashtag ‘bumpbabyyou’ before posting, to have your photo featured on our website!
I can’t wait to see your purchases! HAPPY HUNTING GUYS & DOLLS XO. 

All my love, always, A. XO
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