How To Create A Blog

Welcome to the new & improved Bump, Baby & You website!

If you’re unfamiliar with WordPress, or just in need of a refresher, this guide tells you all you need to know about uploading your guest blog content to our website.

Step one: Write your content

Click ‘create new post’, and away you go! This should open up a dashboard with a text input box. Struggling for topical inspo? I recommend reading the news, browsing for relevant parenting topics, or gleaning advice from the Bump, Baby & You blogging network community.

Headings are important. Start each blog with some form of heading as it improves the readability! Subheadings are a useful way to divide your blog into sections, or improve the flow if you’ve got lots of bulky paragraphs. You can choose these by clicking the dropdown menu where ‘paragraph’ is showing, and selecting which size you’d like.

Dividers are another handy function to divide your blog – to add one, simply click the horizontal line button directly below the dropdown menu that I mentioned above.

Categories and hashtags – pick one category as this helps keep the website organised, and don’t use the hashtag symbol unless it’s an official hashtag, awareness week hashtags are a good example of official hashtags.

Picture, video and GIF upload

To add media, click the ‘add media’ button that is above the text input box. A pop-up should appear;

When your photo uploads, it may appear smaller than intended; click the image, select the pencil icon and then select ‘full size’ on the dropdown menu for image size. You can click ‘upload files’ to upload videos and pictures. You can insert GIFS and social media posts via URL by clicking ‘insert from URL’. Ensure you periodically save your blog!

Adding hyperlinks

Hyperlinks look best when streamlined and attached to a word, rather than the full URL being added to your blog. For example, if you want to add a link to the NHS website, rather than adding the full address, you could write this as ‘to see this on the NHS website, click here, ‘here’ being the word you add your hyperlink to.

To do this, you need to highlight your word, click the insert link as shown in the image below, and paste the URL into the box that pops up. Scroll down and click the ‘open in new tab’ option.

To remove a hyperlink, hover your mouse above it and a symbol similar to the one below will show but with a ‘strike’ through it.


It’s best to keep your blog post centred to the left, as this is easier on the eye and less likely to cause formatting issues. If you’re wanting to provide a link to your website and social media, please place these at the bottom of your blog, as placing them at the top can cause SEO issues.

Step two: Feature image & URL

If you look at the image attached to step one, you’ll see the option where you can add your feature image.

Make sure your that your feature image is of the optimal dimensions (850 x 560), if not you can use a free website called Canva to resize and optimise. Feel free to message Katie if you’re needing a runthrough of Canva!

Please avoid using cover pictures that have text on them if at all possible. If you’re struggling to find a cover picture, we recommend the royalty free image site ‘Pixabay’. ‘Pexels’ is also a good alternative.

Make sure your URL doesn’t have dates in it, and is relevant to the content. This means that when people search for your topic in Google, your blog is more likely to pop up leading to more readers!

Step three: Publish!

So, you’ve written your blog, and given it a good proof read (you’re welcome to ask Katie to proof read if you’re needing a fresh pair of eyes!), so what next?

Time to publish, woohoo!

Click ‘edit’ next to the ‘publish immediately’ option – you can schedule your blog post to appear on our site at a specific time & date by doing this. To publish straight away, simply click ‘publish’! If you want to save a post to work on later, all you need to do is click ‘save draft’.

We hope that this guide helps! Happy blogging, love from Team BBY! Xx