Valentines Themed Baby Names

Are you due a Valentines Day baby? Or do you plan on conceiving a little cherub on this day of love and romance…?

Then why not opt for a ‘romantic’ themed name?

Baby names that are derived from ‘Love’

Amorette – ooh la la! French for ‘little love’.

Aziza – arabic for ‘loved’, and also a character in the amazing novel ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ by Khaled Hosseini, my favourite book.

Carys – Welsh for love!

Femi – Nigerian for ‘love me’!

Demetri – derived from Demetrius, Greek god of fertility.

Freya – Norse goddess of love and fertility.

Imogen – Greek for ‘beloved child’.

Lennan – Irish for ‘sweetheart’.

Milena – Czech for ‘love, warmth and grace’.

Neha – means love in Sanskrit.

Thaddeus – Aramaic for ‘heart’.

Romantic-themed baby names

Valentine/Valentina – for obvious reasons!

Aurora – such a poetic name, the Greek goddess of Sunrise and also the name of the protagonist in the Disney film ‘Sleeping Beauty’

Chloe – often featured in 17th Century romantic poetry and literature, such as Greek romance Daphnis and Chloe.

Darcy – Pride and Prejudice fans will get this one!

Bennet – another Pride and Prejudice inspired name!

Scarlet – red is the colour of romance and passion, so it’s fitting.

Ruby – for the same reasons as Scarlet!

Rose – the flower most commonly associated with love and romance…

Humphrey‘Casabalanca’ fans will like this one!

Ingrid – another ‘Casabalanca’ inspired name!

Have I missed any? Tell me in the comments!

(Romeo & Juliet were intentionally missed due their love story being so tragic.)

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