Ghoulish Gatherings – The Best Halloween Partywear!


With Halloween looming, you may be thinking of holding a spooky shindig! Me & my fiance have just bought our first house and plan to ‘Christen’ it with an awesome party for our little boy (Max) and his many, many cousins (big families ROCK!).

I’ve spotted some absolutely amazing bits & bobs during my online shopping spree, things so amazing that I can’t bring myself to NOT share them with all of our lovely readers… hopefully this will inspire anyone stuck in a planning rut.



See, I’m very much a ‘send a text/Facebook message’ kind of mum. Same with Christmas cards! If you’re a fan of sending official invites, you should take a look at these…

Self-Editing Halloween Party Invites

These invites are super easy to customise with names/dates using Adobe Acrobat Reader! The bright colours and creepy characters are spot on for the occasion – you can find them here at iLoveDIYprintables*.

Spellbook Party Invitation

As a Harry Potter fan, I am OBSESSED with these inspired invites! You can find them at here at JessieAndJabberwock*.

Plates and cutlery

Get your buffet table looking swanky with this themed tablewear…

Orange, black & white 8 pack

This 8 pack of foiled paper plates is ace; you can find it here at LittleOrchardCraft*.

Skull shaped plates 12 pack

These spooktacular plates are definitely on my shopping list! You can find them here at PostBoxParty*.


Set the mood with the perfect ambient lighting – candles & fairylights are spot on for Halloween!

3D printed pumpkin with flickering LED light effect

Child-friendly with a flameless candle effect, this 3D printed pumpkin is brilliant! You can find it here at Fynsa*.

Eye Ball Candle

Eeeeeek! This spooky candle takes haunting halloween decoration to the next level – the kids are sure to squeal when they see it! You can find it here at LessCandles*.

Halloween String Lights

Another item in my basket – kerching. This is quite cute as well as being halloween-themed, and you can find it here at ginew*.

Pumpkin Fairy Lights

These would look superb presented in a fishbowl on the buffet table – you can find them here at TinkerTreasuresMinis*.

Bunting and decs

Dressing your venue on point will give your party the best atmosphere ever!

Spooky Halloween Bunting

The patterns on this bunting are so bright and eye-catching! You can find this here at TCCBS*.

Mini black & gold Halloween bunting

This bunting is slightly smaller than typical bunting and comes on a 2 metre string – the black and gold colour palette is ideal for a more understated gathering! You can find it here at KirstyGadd*.


Aaaaaah, I love a good party game! These are sure to bring hours of fun for the wee ones at your party (and the adults too…).

Witch hat loop game

This hoop toss game is bound to bring hours of fun, as well as being very affordable! You can find it here at PartyTouchesUK*.

Finish my phrase game

Why not get the guests in pairs to play this fun guessing game? You can find it here at AdorablyAllie*.

Party favours

Ending the night is sad, especially when you’ve had an awesome time! Sweeten the deal with party favours, and your guests are guaranteed to make an appearance at your next bash!

Sweet filled hands

These hand-shaped favour bags come pre filled with all sorts of yummy sweeties – they’d look amazing as a table centrepiece, as a game prize and as party favours! You can find them here at SweetsensationsCo*.

Set of 6 Halloween bracelets

These cute ‘n creepy Happy Halloween bracelets are a simple yet heartfelt gift for your guests – you can can find them here at Dreamingbhuddawishes*.

Personalised Love Heart Sweets

You can’t go wrong with Love Heart sweets! These can be personalised to say whatever you’d like – you can find them here at LoveHearts4u*.


Love planning parties? What do’s and dont’s would you recommend to other parents? Tell us in the comments.

Love from Katie! Xx


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