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Becoming an Organised Mama in The New Year

by Bump, Baby & You

As we draw ever closer to the end of 2018, you may be thinking of your New Years resolutions…

One of the most popular New Years resolutions our mummies undertake is the resolution to become more organised! I’m definitely one of them. If you’re in the same boat as me, this guide on organisational aids could really make a huge difference to your year in 2019.

Top ideas for organisation aids…

  • Diaries
  • Stylish storage boxes
  • Nappy bags with compartments
  • Desk organisers
  • Nick nack storage solutions

To help you become a more organised parent in 2019, we’ve found the best picks to help you on your way. You won’t regret it!


A good diary is a fab way to get organised. Some people find that using the calendar on their mobile devices isn’t as fail safe as it may seem – I always tend to forget to look or set notifications as there are so many other things going on on my phone. Writing down my to-do list and appointments in a diary helps to ingrain it in my brain a lot better, and you may too. I love this personalised diary – faux marble is very much on trend, as is the rose gold font. You can find this at RubeesGifts*.

Storage boxes

Prone to letting clutter build up, or to find a home for various items like paperwork, sewing kits and other miscellaneous items? You could do with a nice set of stylish storage boxes. This set of modern storage boxes are also made from reclaimed wood, which is a plus for our environmentally friendly mummies. They could also be used for toy storage! You can find these at ChontaUK*.


Nappy Bags With Superb Compartments

I am in LOVE with this trendy nappy bag – looking at it, you wouldn’t think that it’s even a nappy bag but it has super organised compartments inside and also converts into a backback. A bag like this would help you to become more organised, and you can start afresh in 2019 if your current nappy bag is an absolute disaster like mine is. You can see this at ForestBags*.

Desk organiser

If you’re a working parent who works a lot at home, you may be struggling to keep on top of your stationery and other brickacrack crowding your desk. This oak desk organiser can also hold your phone and important business cards to help you keep on top of your organisation in 2019. You can find this at PromiDesign*.

Chore Checklist

This customisable, printable chore checklist is perfect for both you and the kids in 2019! Checklists are a handy way to keep on top of housework, homework, daily tasks and routines, as they’re very visual and help you to compartmentalise what needs to be done. You can see this at LittleGraphics*.

Toy storage

Toys, toys, toys… probably the biggest culprit for mess! Toy boxes are a popular storage solution for play things, but if you’re wanting something a little more unique, this toy ‘cage’ labelled The Zoo would look awesome in the play room! It’ll help to encourage your little one to keep their toys in one place too… the zoo! You can find this at LittleZookeeper*.

Bow storage

If you have a daughter who loves bows, a good bow storage solution will help you to get more organised in 2019 – it’ll also help you to stop losing bows down the back of cabinets, under beds, and in other random places. You can find this one at NotaJewelleryBoxLtd*.

Book Storage

I’m a total bookworm, and so is my little boy, so it’s a given that we have books all over the house! A good book storage solution is instrumental in getting organised for 2019, and I love this rustic personalised book crate. It would look great regardless of how you decorate, too. You can find it at LaceandLettersByLisa*.

Are you aiming to get organised in the New Year? Tell us how in the comments!

Love from Katie. Xx

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