First Time Parent Worries

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Hindsight is a funny thing isn’t it? When we first become parents we worry about EVERYTHING! The first time your baby takes a tumble your frantictly panicking and ringing 101 for advice, the first time they vomit your ringing the doctors afraid they’ll dehydrate. You worry when they don’t hit their milestones at the same age as a baby born in the same month as them. Questions we ask ourselves, should we baby led wean? When should they be in their own room? As a mother of a 2.5 year old I’ve been there, done that and bought the T-shirt!

Breast vs Bottle
Before our babies are born we worry about should we breast feed? Should we bottle feed? I did both, I Exclusively breast fed for 3 months, combi fed for 2 months and then just went onto formula feeding until my son turned 12 months old. I got funny looks for breastfeeding in public but I also faced judgement when I switched to formula feeding. I’m a big believer in FED IS BEST! Do what’s best for you and your baby and don’t let others influence this.

Oh dear, don’t get me started on weaning! Myth number one… weaning will make your baby sleep through the night. Lie! It won’t because let’s be honest for the first few weeks of weaning more food ends up on your babies face or on the floor rather than in their mouths. Admit it guys, our pre parent, pre weaning selves all said at some point “My child will never eat junk food”. “My child will only eat fresh, homemade, organic foods”. I laugh because I said the same myself. It started off great, my son would eat anything I gave him but I tell you this now, by the time you have a sassy 2 year old you’ll be using chocolate as bribery just so you can have 5 minutes of peace. Trust me, all babies/toddlers go through a fussy phase as well, you’ll be cheering if they eat 2 wotsits, I kid you not!

Sleeping through
So apparently there’s this obsession with babies sleeping through by the time they’re a month old and sleeping in their own beds by the time they’re 6 months old. Blah, blah, blah. 2 years later and yes we are sleeping though the night but no matter what we try he gets up at 5am EVERY SINGLE DAY! We’ve tried late bedtime, late snack, no naps but nothing works!! He’s just always been an early riser. Sure, some toddlers sleep 7-7, I mean thats the dream right? I assure you though, it’s more ‘normal’ for babies and toddlers to be waking in the night or refusing to go to bed at a sensible time or getting up ridiculously early like mine. Don’t worry if your child doesn’t sleep all night in their own bed, let’s face it, when they’re 16 they won’t be in your bed and you can plot your revenge and wake them up with the hoover when they’re teenagers. Enjoy the cuddles, enjoy the love and the comfort your providing your baby.

You’ll hear sooo many people comparing babies once you become a parent. You’ll hear so many people boasting about how their baby walked at 5 days old and they were saying sentences at 3 months old. Obviously I’m kidding with the time frames but the point I’m making is don’t feel bad if that’s not your child. As an autism parent, my son was always the last to do things and still to this day doesn’t speak but don’t let anyone make you feel like it’s your parenting or something your doing wrong. It’s honestly just luck of the draw if your child walks early or sits up early.

Enjoy your babies and please don’t worry about these things. Parent your way, as long as your children are happy that’s the most important thing.

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