Baby Name Trends for 2019 – Do They Really Matter?

We had our daughter’s first name picked out long before she arrived. Truth be told, we didn’t have any other names that we both agreed on.  Alex would probably have been called the same thing whether she was a boy or a girl. However, we did spend a little more time contemplating her middle name. We sought inspiration in those long lists of baby names showing names that are ‘in’ and on the way ‘out’. Right now, parents-to-be are once again deluged with predictions for which names will be big in the year ahead. So I got to thinking – do baby name trends really matter?

Baby Name Predictions 2019

According to BabyGaGa, names beginning with ‘F’, with an ‘U’ sound, pastel colours and nature-inspired names are all supposed to be on the up this year. Gender neutral names and super short three letter names that will be tricky to shorten are also tipped to be big. After lots of old school names finding popularity in recent years, retro and seventies names are also on the rise.

Bit Netflix watcher? BabyCentre predicts that your favourite boxsets might steer you in a particular direction, with the likes of Aria (number 10 in 2018) tipped to be birth certificate choices for many. Or your favourite animated cartoon or film might gift you a name – do you have a little Ryder, Elsa or Peter? Perhaps a little more surprising is the tip that shoe brand names (such as Chuck or Taylor) might be making their way up the charts. And keeping company with Brooklyn Beckham will be babies with destination names – could you have a little Dallas, India or Monaco on the way?

Baby Name Predictions 2019

Would you not name your little one a name you loved, simply because lots of other parents are planning to call theirs the same? Did looking at baby name trends provide inspiration for your name choice when you hit a wall? We asked the Bump, Baby & You Mummies and Daddies how they felt about baby name trends and popularity lists: were they influenced by what the charts had to say? The answer may just surprise you!

…….Most Mums and Dads don’t care about name trends!

There, we said it! Sure it’s nice to read predictions, but our Mums and Dads told us overwhelmingly that they don’t care what names are trendy – or not!

We asked: Are you influenced by baby name trend predictions and charts? Do you look at the charts to see which names are in and which are out? Did you read articles about baby name trends to help you choose your little one’s name – either by trying to stay clear of something popular or finding inspiration? Or are baby name charts just not on your radar?

Yes – influenced by the trends and charts: 8.54%

No – not influenced by the trends and charts: 91.45%

Some chose a name because of a family connection or tradition. Others told us they chose ‘popular’ names because it suited their little bundle down to a ‘T’.

Lauren-May Kirkham: “I love my daughter’s name, Isla. I thought about changing it after looking at the charts and seeing how high it was but she was Isla and nothing else felt right! 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’d love it to be rarer but it suits her and couldn’t picture her being anything else!”

Mummies told us they found inspiration in all sorts of unexpected places. There were plenty of fun naming stories too!

Lorrissa Rose Reed: “We got our little girls name from Assassins Creed. Her name is Aya.”

Mikala Jackson: “My daughter is named after liqueur 😂 Her Dad’s last name is Martin so when we seen the bottle of Rémy Martin…her name had to be that ❤️ So I have a Ricky Martin and a Rémy Martin. We wanted a unique name and we found it.”

Catherine Siân Thomas: “I looked on lists but they did not influence me in any way. I found myself looking at actor lists at the end of TV programmes and films or characters in books etc. Although still to this day I cant tell you how I got my son’s name, I can’t remember.”

There were of course the 8.54% who said the charts did impact their choice. In one mum’s case, it was her experience at school that meant she is a little more interested in trends than most.

Nicole Michelle Wild said: “I wouldn’t want an overly popular name. So I’d want to know the trends to pick a name that not everyone called. There were three Nicole’s in my class when I was young.”

Are you in the process of choosing a name for your little one? Where will you be looking for inspiration?