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Bump, Baby & You Best Nappy Awards 2018-19

by Fay Nyberg

Nappies are such a huge part of caring for our little bundles. Before your baby is born you might never have put a nappy together and by month three after their arrival, you’re testing your best ninja nappy changing skills by attempting to change your sleeping baby without waking them.

So, as parents we expect a lot from nappies. You want to know they’re going to contain as many of those fountains of piss and poo explosions as possible. No one wants to end end up wiping crap off their jeans and jumper in the veg aisle of the local Tesco, right?

Naturally, price is also a factor in which nappies mummies and daddies tend to buy. One study by MyVoucherCodes estimates that we spend £23.52 per month per baby if using disposable nappies and a BBC story from December 2018 puts the cost at £800 for the first two years. If you’d like to save some money on your favourite nappies, make sure you check in to our Baby and Toddler Events 2019 post regularly to find details of discounts on your favourite nappy brands.

In our Facebook community, we see lots of questions from mums and dads-to-be asking other parents which nappies they use. We also get queries from parents looking to change brands because a manufacturer has changed or discontinued a range or their usual choice just isn’t working for them anymore.

Today, we’re helping you all out by publishing the Bump, Baby and You Best Nappy Awards 2018-19. Based on a poll of real mums and dads with some reviews and comments from parents too, we’re bringing you the best nappies for your baby boys and girls as voted for by our community. We asked the parents in our Facebook group whether they stuck with the same nappies from the newborn stage onwards and which nappies they found best for newborns, night time and toddlers. Here are the results…..

Most parents stick with the same nappy brand!

Q: Did you stick with the same nappies from the newborn stage onwards?

Yes – 54.6% (217)

No – 45.4% (180)

We were a little surprised to find that on the whole, BBY mums and dads are loyal to one nappy brand. While there wasn’t much in it 54.6% said the stuck to one nappy brand.

Becky told us: “ I have always used Pampers Premium Protection and have done since size 1!”

Those that did change explained that they swapped between brands when shopping in different places, changed disposable nappy brands when designs changed or to find a style that better fitted their growing baby. A couple of mummies also told us that after initially using disposable nappies they decided to swap to cloth nappies.

BUMP, BABY & YOUs Top Ten Newborn Nappies For 2018-19

Hands up if you love Aldi Mamia nappies? Aldi’s Mamia branded nappies came out on top in our top ten newborn nappies for 2018-19. We asked our community: Which nappies did you/do you find best for newborns? Those answering were able to add brands but had one vote only each. Aldi came out on top with Pampers in second place with Asda’s Little Angels coming in third. There were a total of 713 votes in this poll. Please note that newborn Huggies are not generally available in shops in the UK but can be bought online.

  1. Aldi (Mamia) 35.76%
  2. Pampers 30.85%
  3. Asda (Little Angels) 17.11%
  4. Tesco (Fred & Flo) 4.9%
  5. Lidl (Lupilu) – 3.22%
  6. Morrisons (Nutmeg) 1.82%
  7. Boots Baby 1.54%
  8. Cloth 1.54%
  9. Huggies 1.4%
  10. Sainsburys (Little Ones) 1.4%
  11. Luvs 0.15%
  12. Kit & Kin 0.15%

Laura told us “Boots own are the best for size 0 tiny baby” while Ebony said “Pampers were the only nappies to absorb my breastfed baby’s poo. The mesh inside the Premium ones kept it in.”

BUMP, BABY & YOUs Best Toddler Nappies For 2018-19

When it comes to nappies for toddlers, there are even more factors to consider. Along with trying to find the best nappies for poo explosions for little ones eating solids, there’s also all that wriggling to contend with. And if you’re lucky, your toddler may be sleeping for longer lengths of time at night too. Some parents told us that they used different nappies for during the day and night at this stage – opting to use cheaper nappies through the day. These parents use more expensive brands at night to cover the longer period of sleep while saving money on cheaper daytime nappies.

Michelle told us:  “Pampers from birth but now only use Pampers Baby Dry for bedtime and Little Angels during day, purely for cost purposes.”

If you’re wondering which nappies came top, once again our community told us the best disposable nappies to get for toddlers are Aldi Mamia! A total of 673 votes were cast for this award, again those polled could add brands themselves but only had one vote.

Q: Which nappies did/do you find best for toddlers? 

  1. Aldi (Mamia) 34.9%
  2. Pampers 29.1%
  3. Asda (Little Angels) 14.9%
  4. Tesco (Fred & Flo) 8.47%
  5. Lidl (Lupilu) 4.75%
  6. Sainsburys Little Ones 2.52%
  7. Morrisons (Nutmeg) 2.37%
  8. Cloth 1.18%
  9. Boots 1%
  10. Naty  0.14%
  11. Jacks (Tesco owned discount store) 0.14%
  12. Mum & You (online brand) 0.14%

Pampers once again took the number two slot with Asda taking bronze in its second award category. It was also interesting find some best eco-friendly nappy choices being mentioned and there were some nice comments advocating for the environmentally friendly use of reusable cloth nappies too.

Andrea told us: I’ve voted for cloth on every question because I have used them from birth with both of my boys. We use mostly birth to potty nappies which means that today my 3-year0old is wearing the exact same nappy he was wearing at 3 months old and my 18 month old is wearing the same nappies I bought 3 years ago!

BUMP BABY & YOUs Best Nappies For Night Time

Whether you have a little one that’s sleeping through or a frequent waker who’s also a heavy wetter, you want to keep them comfortable while they sleep. In this category, we asked parents which they found to be the best nappies for night. This covered both newborn and toddler aged infants. It’s worth noting that some parents told us in the comments that they choose to use different nappies at night to cope with absorbency over a longer period.

A total of 336 people voted – they were asked to add their brand of choice if it wasn’t already an option but could only make one selection.

  1. Aldi (Mamia) 34.22%
  2. Pampers 29.46%
  3. Asda (Little Angels) 67 19.9%
  4. Tesco (Fred & Flo) 5.95%
  5. Cloth 2.08%
  6. Huggies 0.59%
  7. Morrisons (Nutmeg) 3.27%
  8. Sainsburys (Little Ones) 2.08%
  9. Lidl (Lupilu)  2.38%

Can you see a trend developing? Aldi’s Mamia nappies were voted best nappies for night time with 34.22% of the vote, followed closely by Pampers with 29.46% and Asda Little Angels (19.9%).

Cait told us she’d tried all nappies “and always gone to back to pampers” as she has “never had a problem with them for night”. She added that she likes to stock up when they’re on offer for £4.

And there you have it, the best nappies of 2018-19 according to our Mummies and Daddies. Whether you’re looking for ethical nappies or wondering whether to splash out on the most expensive brands, we hope you find the information above useful. Many parents said they thought the best nappy depended on the size and age of the baby but there are definitely three distinct favourite brands amongst our community!

We promise to repeat the awards the same time next year to see if Aldi, Pampers and Asda Little Angels are still the top-rated disposable nappy brands for Bump, Baby & You mums and dads. Do you agree with the poll?  Would you consider making the switch to reusable nappies? Let us know in the comments.







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