Cherish The Close Moments

Every morning around 3am this dude comes and climbs into mummy and daddy’s queen bed.

A bed not designed for two adults and a sassy toddler, but we let him stay with us until the morning.

Some people would say comments like ‘if you don’t stop it now you will have a teenager climbing in your bed’ or ‘you’re only making it harder for yourself in the long run’. Well, I have something to tell you guys. Last night I worked out that on an average of 8,760 hours in one calendar year, I spend only around 2700 hours with him, meaning on average I miss out on give or take 70% of my babies life, his moments, his learning.

That number is scary and time doesn’t slow down for me to get this back! With this fact in mind, I hug longer, I ask for more kisses, I stare at him that little extra time when he has gone to sleep, I let him have late nights at the weekend so we can have some catch up bonding time, and I let him come into my bed at 3am for ‘shnuggle me mummy’ time, because when he is older he won’t want these kisses and cuddles. Cherish the humans you have made, because you are lucky to have them.

Cherish the close moments they chose to have with you, they won’t always offer them and time doesn’t slow down for anyone.

Written by Rachel Anders.