15 Hints and Tips for Holidays in the Sun with a Baby

Going on holiday in the sun with a baby? Check out the hints and tips that we’ve picked up over the years!


Some of these can be a nightmare to pack away (I’m sure the bag they store away in to shrinks as soon as you take the tent out of it 😂) but I must have thought they were worth the hassle of battling to pack them away because I’ve bought one for all 3 of my babies!
Babies have very sensitive skin so even with Sun Lotion on its best to keep them out of the direct sun as much as possible so these are fantastic for letting them have a little kick about when you’re relaxing around the pool or on the beach.


Swim rings are fantastic for babies taking a dip in the pool, make sure they’re within arms length of you at all times though, especially when there are big kids bombing into the pool as they seem to not see anybody else in the water when they’re jumping in 😂


Boat Pools! Quite often, although the pool temperature feels fine to you, it’s too cold for baby to stay in for too long, fill a little inflatable boat to create a paddling pool! Leave it in the sun to heat up then pull it into the shaded area so baby can have fun splashing without getting too cold.


Pram shades are amazing for when you’re out and about in the sun, so much easier than trying to position a parasol constantly, my favourite sun shade is the ‘Prince Lionheart Sunshade’ which is a universal one that easily folds up small enough to pop in your bag but unfortunately it didn’t fit my Baby Jogger Select and I couldn’t find a double buggy version for when we took a side by side buggy! We also used it in the evenings to keep the pram dark when baby was sleeping (just check they’re not getting too hot if you’re indoors).
Towels over the pram may seem like a cheaper, easier option but they don’t allow the air to pass through as easily so can cause the baby to over heat.


Reusable swim nappies will save you a fortune (as well as saving space in the suitcase!) I usually bring one small pack of disposables and 2 or 3 reusables, the reusables are better for when they’re just having a little dip because you can take them off and leave them out to dry in between dips instead of going through a pack of disposables in a day! The only downside is if they poo in them 💩 why does wet poo seem to smell so much more than a normal poo?! Bring a small sandwich bag of wash powder to hand wash and soak in the bathroom sink/bidet if this happens.


Bottle feeding? Sterilising tablets and a tupperware tub big enough to fit a few bottles in is perfect for sterilising bottles, teething toys and dummys! First time I used these I liked them that much that I continued to use it over my steam steriliser for a while once we got home.


I highly recommend the Once a Day sun lotions! None of my kids have ever suffered from sun burn (except ‘C’ on his shoulders last year after he insisted on doing his sun Lotion himself, he now let’s me help again!)
Make sure you do a test patch before you travel to check for any irritation or reactions to the lotion.
HomeBargains are the cheapest place I’ve found for either of these lotions.


Towel Ponchos are perfect for babies! Easy to get on and off when you’re taking them in and out of the pool and keeps the breeze off them if you’re going for a stroll.


Not all restaurants have high chairs that are suitable for small babies (I’ve found most of them tend to have the toddler style high chairs) so a snack tray on the pram is perfect for baby’s meal times when a high chair isn’t available…. It can get messy though (so you may need to give your pram material a good wash when you get home)


Lightweight sleeping bags are perfect for hot stuffy nights abroad! Quite often my babies have just slept in their nappies because it’s been too hot for anything else when they’ve gone to bed but it can get chilly in the night so the sleeping bag is good as they can’t kick it off, if they feel like they’re getting cold you can always add a small blanket too.


Don’t pack LOADS of clothes for baby! Our first holiday with C we packed him loads of adorable little outfits and he spent 95% of the time in just a nappy! But then his 2nd Holiday abroad, at 12 months old, we didn’t bring enough and ended up having to buy some 🙈
Romper suits are brilliant, easy to get on and off, lightweight and comfortable for baby


If your baby is on formula milk make sure you bring enough for your whole holiday (or check which formula is stocked in supermarkets close to where you’re staying) as supermarkets abroad don’t always stock the same formulas as the UK and a change in formula could upset baby’s tummy.
Also bring a bit extra than what you’d usually go through as the heat can make babies go off their milk a bit so you might find you’re throwing a fair bit away in the first few days and baby might change to drinking less but more often.


If the tap water isn’t safe for drinking in the place you’re travelling too you can use bottled water for baby to drink or to make up formula. Bottled water isn’t sterile though so it will still need boiling and cooling like at home (and don’t re-boil)
Not all bottled water is safe for babies, make sure you check the label – sodium levels should be less than 200mg per litre, and sulphates less than 250mg per litre.

Beyoz and Font Vella are low sodium brands in Spain, if you cant find those look for other labels which specify that they are suitable for babies (they usually have a little symbol of a baby on them).


I hear alot of people say they prefer to buy Nappies once they get there to save on luggage space, however, alot of the supermarkets close to the hotels are high in price for nappies. I prefer to bring nappies, I open the packets and can fit loads in the pockets of the suitcases etc without using up too much space.

Also, if you don’t like using perfumed baby wipes (my boys had really sensitive skin as babies so couldn’t use perfumed ones without getting sore) then try and bring enough wipes too because the wipes abroad seem to be very perfumed! They do have sensitive wipes too but I’ve not seem them as often



If you’re not going to need it on the flight or in the airport pack it in your hold luggage! And make sure any older children only pack what they can carry themselves as hand luggage (not a full rucksack of diecast Disney cars that will be making them fall over with the weight like D tries to do!)

Although most airlines let you take the pram or buggy right up to the plane, some make you leave it at the gate then you could end up standing in a queue for over 10 minutes with no pram so you don’t want to be holding the baby and a huge amount of hand luggage (or in my case, holding a baby, having to keep hold of the wild childs hand and holding all my hand luggage and the kids bags!) Also, sometimes it can be quite a walk/wait once you get off the plane before you’re reunited with your pram.

If you can, try and use a bag that’s small enough to fit under the seat for your hand luggage instead of in the overhead lockers so that anything you may need on the flight is easy to get too!
When going through security, liquids and electronics need to be taken out of the bags and put into a separate container to go through the scanner so keep those at the top of your bag so you don’t have to rummage through everything to get to it, the majority of airports make you put the pram through the scanner too so you’ll be holding the baby whilst having to get the electronics and liquids out of the bag!


Don’t be too worried about sticking to your home routines. Everything is new and different to your baby so let them take it all in. The more relaxed you’re feeling, the more settled baby will be and within a couple of days you’ll have settled into a nice, holiday routine.

Written by Roisin Whyte for her blog, Roaming Roo & The Tiny Travellers.

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