Toddler Falls Six Storeys and Survives!

It’s the story of nightmares with a dream ending. A Toddler falls from a 6 storey balcony and survives – thanks to quick thinking grown-ups!


A three-year-old Toddler from Chongqing, China has survived a six-storey fall.

Police said that the boy was alone at home when he got out onto the balcony.


The child survived the fall after he was caught by passers-by holding out a large blanket.

State broadcaster CCTV reported that he had sustained no injuries.


Please note that the video below shows images which some people may find distressing.


You can read the BBC article here!


Balcony Safety Advice
  • Keep younger children away from balconies unless you are with them
  • Keep balcony doors locked when not in use
  • To make sure children are safe, there should be a barrier at least 110 cm (43 inches) high around the edge of the balcony
  • If the gaps between the upright railings are more than 6.5 cm (2.5 inches), board them up

You can read the full ‘Guarding children against trips and falls’ from NIDirect here!