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How to Enjoy the Snow with your Little One!

by Yvette Embleton

Whether you love it or hate it, chances are that when it arrives, your kiddie will be OBSESSED! Here’s how to enjoy a snow day with your little one!


If you’re looking for fun snow games to play, top tips to ensure you all enjoy the snow, or even want to see what awesome sledges are available – you’re in the right place. Happy Scrolling!

Snowy Games to play!
  1. Create a critter – Sure you can make a snowman, but they take a lot of effort and time. Why not create a snowball caterpillar, or a snow spider?
  2. Blowing bubbles – If the temperature dips well below freezing (around -12) if you blow bubbles outside, they’ll freeze! We recommend a grown-up stepping outside while the little ones stay warm and watch from a window. Magic!
  3. Snow colourful –Fill a spritz bottle with water and pop in some food colouring – let them loose on a snowy blank canvas. They’ll love it!
  4. Go Sledding or Tubing – Possibly the best and most fun game to play in the snow! There are so many wonderful different types of sledges now. You’ll have a blast!
Top Tips for Snowy Days
  1. Fill a hot water bottle with warm water so you can all take turns keeping your hands warm.
  2. Take more than one pair of gloves. 1 for playing with in the snow and one for when they are finished. This way they’ll stay comfortable a little longer.
  3. Don’t expect little ones to stay in the snow for long. Better to follow their lead and play in short bursts throughout the day than them getting upset and too cold once and then not want to play outside again.
  4. Layer them up! This applies to their feet too. Get as many layers on them as possible/ will fit under the coats and wellies. Remember their hats!
  5. Snacks! You might find they-re super hungry afterwards as they’ll use a lot of energy running around and keeping warm.
  6. Take photos! You’ll want to look back at this special time in years to come.


Make sure you’re prepared for the upcoming snow – check out our favourite finds!

Super Sledges
Stiga Cruiser Baby Sledge

This is spot on for little ones who aren’t steady enough to be let loose in the snow. We’re loving the bright colour and the fastening to make sure they are secure!

Credit: Clas Ohlson*

Find yours here*

Large Sledge

You can’t go wrong with a traditional sledge! These are great for pulling along more than one kiddie and come in some fab colours!

Credit: B & Q*

Find yours here*

Unicorn Snow Tube

Wow! Just, wow! We think this is perfect for older kids who would enjoy the thrill of sliding down your local hill/ bank. Love this!

Credit: Clas Ohlson*

Find yours here*

Snuggly Snowsuits

Cosy Printed All-In-One – Grey Marl Multi Dinosaurs

Credit: Boden*

Find yours here*

Mini Boden Baby Novelty Panda Snowsuit 

Credit: Boden*

Find yours here*


John Lewis & Partners Baby Llama Print Snowsuit, Grey

Credit: John Lewis and Partners*

Find yours here*

Explorer Waterproof All In One

Credit: Welovefrugi*

Find yours here*

Must Have Hats!
Fair Isle Hat & Mittens Set – Starboard Blue

Credit: Boden*

Find yours here*

Cosy Knitted Hat & Mittens Set – Ecru Marl

Credit: Boden*

Find yours here*



Credit: M & Co*

Find your Unicorn Hooded Scarf here*

Find your Monster Hooded Scarf here*

Find your Check Trapper Hat here*

Find your Bunny Ear Hat here*

If you have some top tips or if your little ones enjoy a snow game we’ve not mentioned – let us know in the comments below.


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