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National Allotments Week 2019

by Yvette Embleton

From the 12 – 18th of August the UK is celebrating National Allotments Week! Local events are being held across the country with the aim of letting communities know what a valuable contribution allotments make to Public Health and Well-being!


There comes a time in every growing season when plants produce more crops than any plot-holder can freeze, pickle or jam! This is when you’ll find generous allotment holders begin to arrive at work with baskets of plums, armfuls of rhubarb and Tupperware full of green beans.


You can get your little ones involved by heading to one of the many local events that are taking place this week.  Every event is different but in general events include: Gardening advice, History Walks, Beekeeping display, and rafflers etc. You can also purchase lots of fresh produce for you and your little ones to cook at home.

For more information about National Allotments Week and local events near you – head over here!


Benefits of Having an Allotment

Here are just some benefits of having access to an allotment!


5. A family project

Having a group project with real purpose and rewards is a great opportunity for families to bond!


4. The perfect addition to your outdoor space

Allotments are fantastic if you’d rather not dig up your garden or if you don’t have much outdoor space.


3. It’s your own farm 

How cool is that! You’ll have you’re own little farm – now you only need to figure out what to plant and when but that’s what Google’s for!


2. A learning opportunity

Getting real hands on experience of growing fruits and vegetables is a fantastic learning opportunity for little ones. They learn what plans need to grow, and how they can nurture that process. Hopefully as they get a little older they’ll learn when certain fruits and veggies need to be planted and harvested.


1. Healthy living

How exciting would it be for your littles to cook and eat the produce from their own little farm! Anything that keeps families engaged with Nature, and fills tummies with fresh healthy fruit and veg has got to be a winner, surely!


How can I get an allotment?

If having an allotment sounds like something you and your family could benefit form, you can apply for a plot with your local council.  You will either be allocated one or be added to a waiting list.

Apply here!


If you have an allotment, we’d love to hear from you!



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