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BabyRice Casting Kit

by Bethany Collings

Have you thought about casting your child’s hands or feet? Or maybe even wondered about getting your bump casted?

Recently I purchased a casting kit from BabyRice on Amazon. It is currently on sale for £17.45 reduced from £24.95 and includes;

  • Powder for moulding
  • Plaster for casting
  • Silver paint
  • Paintbrush

When it arrived the bag was shaped like C4 and weighed the same as two bags of sugar. But I was glad to see it regardless! I’m sure everyone is when their future keepsakes come in the post and delivered by a cold, wet and grumpy old postman.

When I had opened it, there was three compartments to the bag. The top was a powder to help mould. The second was two plastic cups taped together with a sliver paint and a paintbrush in the middle and the last was another powdery substance to fill the mould.

When making the mix, be sure to use 30c temperature water. I say this because if it’s too hot then it hardens straight away and if it is too cold, you will be waiting forever! You have to wait until it is completely hard and dark pink before removing any hands or feet.


I actually had to use my microwaveable steriliser that I use for my breast pump to do her foot casting because I couldn’t find anything small enough to use the least amount of powder yet big enough to get a good angle on her foot.

To do this, I had to hold her in my arms up right whilst my husband dipped her foot in. We used luke warm water and a fork for mixing. It also helped to top up her foot with more goo.

As you can see, it’s pink. But rest assure it isn’t gender specific. So if you have a boy unfortunately it comes in just pink. Sorry!


It is extremely easy to get out of the tubberware. I was worried I was going to ruin it but thankfully it just popped right out. It is also extremely easy to clean up once you’re finished. I found taking the casting out was funner than I expected and also very therapeutic.

This is what it looked right as we took it out. As you can see we didn’t bang the tub enough (you’re told to do tbis to release air bubbles to prevent this).


The detail is amazing. I honestly couldn’t love it anymore. I have bought more from the company to so her hands and hopefully to do one as a family. A gorgeous family piece – Ah i’m so excited just thinking about it!

You can buy your very own kit from the link shown here.


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