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Getting Ready For Baby – Toys ‘R’ Us Take Time To Pay Plan!

by Bump, Baby & You

You may have seen the Toys ‘R’ Us ‘Take Time To Pay’ plan advertised in the build-up to Christmas – it’s marketed to help parents with their Christmas shopping, but some parents use it to get ready for an impending arrival!

‘Take Time To Pay’ could make your baby shopping much easier and less stressful! You can organise your shopping ahead of time, save on storage space, and avoid the masses by completing your shopping using ‘Take Time To Pay’.

There are so many things you’ll need to buy… toys, clothes, furniture etc. Let Toys ‘R’ Us help you out!

Here is our guide to using ‘Take Time To Pay’

How does ‘Take Time To Pay’ work?

Originally, it was designed to spread the cost of Christmas up to a 12 week period to take the strain out of the family pot and ensure that parents on a budget can treat their children with no strings attached.


There’s no stopping you from utilising this excellent payment plan scheme if you’re expecting a new baby and want to get the nursery, toys and clothing sorted in a stress-free and financially organised way.

There is a small fee of £5, and the ‘Take Time To Pay’ plan needs a 20% deposit to reserve the presents that you wish to purchase. There is no interest to be paid, so you won’t be left out of pocket!

You won’t be asked for ID or a credit check, and a payment plan with agreed dates will be set up for you when you fill out your application form.


What does the payment plan look like?

There are a range of different payment plans to suit you. You’re more than welcome to pay off your plan and collect your items within 7 days without any extra cost or penalty, or you can choose to pay over a 4, 8 or 12 week period. Payments must be monthly as a minimum requirement but you are able to make additional payments at your leisure.

If you need to cancel, you’ll get a full refund minus a £10 cancellation fee and the initial £5 admin fee.

Why our mums love ‘Take Time To Pay’…

  • The plan helps with storage space – Toys ‘R’ Us keep your items in their warehouse safe until you’ve paid your plan off, allowing you to organise your house and decorate the nursery without navigating endless bags and boxes.
  • Baby shopping is EXPENSIVE. The plan eases the strain on your bank account!
  • No strings attached; no interest, no hidden clauses, no credit checks.
  • You can get everything sorted in one trip, as Toys ‘R’ Us sells everything you could possibly need for a baby, and they also price match with other retailers!

I’ve just set up my own ‘Take Time To Pay’ plan for Christmas… I wish I’d done it for baby shopping!

I 100% recommend the ‘Take Time To Pay’ – it’s perfect for allowing you to take advantage of special offers when they happen and to take control of when you pay. I will definitely be using the scheme when I have my next baby.

Do you, or have you, used the ‘Take Time To Pay’ scheme before? Tell us what you think in the comments!

I hope that this guide helped readers who are expecting a baby! Love from Katie. Xx


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