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The Working From Home Hack You Might Not Have Thought About

by Kloe Forster

It’s been a really weird time for us all lately hasn’t it? And that’s a mild way of putting it…

With nurseries and schools closed to children (except those with Key Worker parents) and the Government guidance on self isolation meaning we can’t drop off the kids at their favourite relatives house, we’re all faced with the daunting task of keeping our little ones at home with us 24/7.

If this doesn’t frighten you even a little, then frankly, I’d like to hear some parenting tips from you!

The days when my husband and I are BOTH working from home are definitely the hardest. It seems impossible to get anything done.

Until, we had this brainwave. I don’t know why we hadn’t thought of it sooner… why not use FaceTime to help! If you can’t take the kids to the babysitter – bring the babysitter to them – VIRTUALLY! *CUE THE EUREKA/HALLELUJAH MUSIC*

We grabbed the iPad and made the call.

Boom! Instant entertainment from our little boy’s Aunty ‘Ya-Ya’. We then called his Grandma – and even got her dog, Lola, involved just to keep our little one busy and happy for a brief moment.

It meant we could both have 5 minutes to think and make some progress on those e-mails that have been mounting up in our inboxes…

Excuse the pile of Toot Toot Drivers, jigsaw puzzles, farm animals, stickle bricks and Elmo’s red furry feet just creeping into this shot!

Thank goodness for modern technology. If it wasn’t for FaceTime/video calling, YouTube, CBeebies, Disney Movies, a pile of toys/books, plenty of snacks, the garden and our daily walk with the dog – I think we’d have all lost the plot by now. Can you even begin to imagine self isolating in the days we didn’t have such luxuries?! We’re so lucky!

I just can’t wait for the day we can all get back to normality – but for now, this trick definitely works! Stay safe and stay home everyone. We’ve got this!

Have you got any working from home parenting tips you’d like to share?

Let us know in the comments!

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