• Real Stories

    The Keeper

    I knew I had come across that one in a million when not long after we had started going out (I think I am still young enough to use this term. Just.) when he offered to take Joseph to the playground opposite and give me half an hour’s break. He knew that a half an hour’s […]

  • Baby

    Third Trimester Nerves

    It’s little more than 7 weeks until baby number 2 gets here and I’m starting to have a mild panic!!! I only really noticed it yesterday when I was showing Ettie the baby book I’d completed for her while she was in my tummy (and again once she was born). All the pages were full […]

  • Pregnancy

    Why You Shouldn’t Visit a Petting Farm or Zoo Whilst Pregnant

    When you are pregnant there are several things you shouldn’t do. One of them is one you might not even realise. You shouldn’t visit a petting farm or zoo, especially ones that have lambs. This is because lambs carry many diseases which can cause miscarriages. This is what happened to me after I visited a […]

Real Stories

A Day in the Life of a Stay At Home Preschooler

My name is Seth and I’m a Stay at Home Preschooler. I’m not meant to be a SAHP-S, I’m meant to be a PTNP (Part Time Nursery Preschooler) but I CBA. I’m often asked how I fill my time as a SAHP-S so I thought I’d give you an insight into my average day. I […]