Baby’s first Halloween is the ultimate opportunity to capture super cute photographs that’ll be treasured forever!

Here’s our guide to all things Halloween – from ghoulish games and creepy confectionary to devilish decor and cute costumes for little horrors.

Costumes For Little Monsters…

Imagine your little one terrorising everyone in these little costumes… too cute!

My 1st Halloween Bodysuit
'Daddy Is Under My Spell' Bodysuit
Halloween Bow - £3
Dracula Costume with Hat! 9m-4y
Cat Costume with headband! 9m-4y
'Cutest Pumpkin In The Patch' Personalised Bodysuit
Baby Skeleton Costume- just £6!
Baby Frankie Costume - £7
Halloween Cat Tutu Outfit - £7

Costumes For Mummies (and Daddies)

I usually rock the dark circles around the eyes look all year round, but Halloween is the one night of the year when it’s socially acceptable to look like an actual zombie.  If zombies (or mombies) aren’t your thing though, there are lots of other FAB costumes out there that shouldn’t traumatise the little ones too much!

Ursula Costume
Maleficent Costume!
Cruella De Vil Costume!
Jack Skellington Costume
Strongman costume!
Adult Harry Potter Costume
Maternity Halloween Dress!
Voodoo Witch Doctor
Demonic Queen Costume

Ghoulish Games!

Every self-respecting creature of the night knows that a good party has games!  We’ve found some that are fun for all the family…
Pumpkin Faces - £2.94!
Personalised Activity Pack
Creepy Crawly Challenge!
Pumpkin Pinata Kit
Batty Bingo!
Halloween Party Favours

Creepy Confectionary!

One of the BEST things about Halloween is the sweet treats! Look at what we’ve managed to hunt down…

Giant Jelly Spider
Cadbury's Maxi Box - save £5!
Mummy Cake Pops

Devilish Decorations!

If you’re going to have a Halloween Party, you need to set the mood!  Here are some things we found that won’t scare the tots too much!

Black Jack O' Lantern
42cm Inflatable Pumpkin
Halloween Yankee Candles!