If you’re wanting to add four legs to your home, research is a key factor in making the final decision. But which breed is the best choice?

I own two huskies, but after a conversation with friends I sat and wondered… Is there a best breed for family dogs?

Bringing a new baby home to pets who have never experienced a small being is really scary! When I finally brought home my daughter I had no confidence in my dogs, mainly due to a rough stint in hospital I had become overprotective so I didn’t even give them a chance.

Once I became well again, I introduced my huskies to her and after an hour of watching her every movement, they became relaxed. Even when she was crawling and walking, they fully accepted her.


So I asked our support group to vote on which they think is the top breed, and I asked them why they felt that breed should be crowned top safest.

Labrador won first place by miles, followed by Staffordshire Bull Terrier coming in second, with German Shepherd being third.

Every dog could be a good family dog, big or small – it’s finding what you’re comfortable with. Check out our Guide To Introducing Baby to Your Pooch!

Let us know in the comment section beneath what breed you own!

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