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by The Hairy Father

The Damn Baby Bag...

Every woman will know what I am going on about when reading this because they live with one everyday from the moment they are in hospital and about to leave to the moment their own kids become old enough to carry their own stuff in backpacks.

But going out with kids we have to spend the last 10 minutes after the fight of “I don’t want shoes on” followed by the “where are we going?” Followed by the “put your jacket on please” which is usually followed by me saying “that’s not your hand, it’s your foot, I’m putting your jacket on.” They are ready. I’m ready with the keys and standing by the door.

Megs is talking to herself in the kitchen. I’m asking “what’s up” replying I need nappies for both boys, a pack of wipes and the boys juices please. Like it’s some surgery happening in the kitchen. Looking around for the different machines and other aids coming to mop her brow. And finally we have it sorted. Everything we need to make a trip out of the house…

We get to our destination and it’s going great (so far) go to do a nappy change with the boys and I go over to the bag (which has been sorted, resorted and packed a certain way that, blokes cannot mess up!) Go inside to the designated side and get out the nappy and move across to the wipes section and remove them. Go and change the boys. Perfect. Another tick done in the Dad brownie points!

I put the wipes back into the bag, zip it up and go on with the journey! Boys need a juice then it’s in the bag, change of clothes then it’s there. Medication, In the bag. The best part when your shopping and the boys say they are hungry – oh let me just look inside the Mary poppins bag and pull out a full snack tray for you pal. Instead I rummage through the bag and BANG we have multiple choices, brioche, smarties and some raisins. Everything you need in the bag and it goes everywhere.

This is why women are in charge of such an important item in the “going out stages” but if she lets you pack it then refuse. Because being a bloke you will get it wrong or put it in the wrong section because that’s allocated for something else.

Until next time…

The Hairy Father

Written by The Hairy Father.

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A bearded father of 2 boys, giving you the insight of day to day life of parenthood from a dads perspective...with funny and WTF gives you the aspect of parenthood isnt all that and it comes with challenges...but its rewarding...
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