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    How To Take a Flight Solo With Your Baby

    I have flown with my baby multiple times as a solo parent.  Not by choice, but because circumstances have changed last minute and my husband has had to fly off elsewhere.  Generally it has been too expensive to change the flights or we have already paid for accommodation so I have decided to fly home […]

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    Why You Should Travel With Kids

    I’m a strong believer that is is important to travel with kids.  Why, I hear you ask?  With all the extra organisation, costs, luggage and restrictions associated with travelling with your kids, surely its easier to stay at home?  Well, some of my favorite memories as a mother have been my daughter’s first birthday in […]

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    When The Bonding Isn’t Instant…

    Many expectant mums are given a rose-tinted view of what to expect when it comes to bonding with their newborn… ‘Oh, the moment you clap eyes on your baby, you’ll feel love like never before!’ True, for some lucky new mummies. For others, it isn’t quite as simple as a bond magically manifesting the moment […]

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Rosalind’s Christening

Despite the fact that we aren’t especially religious it always seemed important to me that we would honour the traditionalism of an official ceremony to recognise Rosie’s godparents. I like the idea of a community coming together to welcome this new child to the world and that I leave her safe in the knowledge that […]