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    Brotherly Love

    One of my biggest worries when we found out we were expecting was how to break it to my step-son. He was five, and had been the only child in the family for the first 4 years of his life (and didn’t particularly relish having a younger cousin) so we had our work cut out. […]

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    NICU Awareness Month 2018

    September is NICU Awareness Month! Hellooooo, mummies & daddies! This month is NICU Awareness Month; in this post, I’ll discuss the aims of this awareness campaign, the importance of NICU units and their staff, and showcase the beautiful NICU babies of the Bump, Baby & You Community! What IS NICU? Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, a […]

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    ‘Fake it ‘till you make it’

    The following day I woke up with a different mindset. I knew that no matter what I had to ‘fake it ‘till I make it’ and I did just that. My baby didn’t know that I was winging it, or that I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I trusted my instincts, and […]


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To My Second Born…


Here comes the milk…


5 Things to Plan for Baby’s Arrival

Getting ready for a new baby can take a bit of planning. You may have maternity leave to organise, baby shower preparation in motion or be at the point where you’re wondering what to buy for baby’s arrival. Sound familiar? This post aims to help you plan ahead to ensure that you have five of […]