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    The Best Jeans For LOVING Your Mum Bod

    Having a baby can really change your body shape, and your own body image. Of course, such a big change can really knock your confidence. You’ve just grown a brand new human being for 9 months, and as well as all the changes in your life going on around you, you have a new figure […]

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    10 Questions I Have About Frozen II…

    Disney have announced that in November, they’ll be releasing another Frozen film! Here’s the recently released teaser , just in case you’ve missed it; If anyone else is as excited as I am, then I’m sure you’ll also be brimming with questions about the new film. I know I certainly am! Here are my top […]

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    Have You Seen The New Frozen II Teaser…?

    Well, it’s safe to say that I was very excited this morning when I saw the teaser for Frozen II! Yeah, that’s right – Disney are producing a second Frozen film! It’ll be released THIS NOVEMBER – the exact dates are yet to be confirmed, and of course more trailers yet to come (the anticipation […]

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Me, Motherhood & Hashimoto’s Disease

When I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease I’d just had my second baby, I remember being asked “are you ok” at my 8 week check and thinking, you know what… no, no I’m not ok. I remember feeling really tired, exhausted in fact but then getting into bed and being wide awake and thinking how […]