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Online Marketplace Etsy


When we say that the entire team here at Bump HQ is Etsy obsessed, we’re not lying! The online marketplace is seriously one of our favourite destinations for discovering unique, hand-crafted items from some of the globe’s cutest, quirkiest businesses.

When was Etsy founded? Who founded Etsy?

Etsy was founded in 2005 in Brooklyn, New York by Robert Kalin, Chris Maguire and Haim Schoppik with Jared Tarbell later joining the startup. The name Etsy is a nod to how Italians say ‘oh, yes’ - ‘eh, si’ - while it also translates in Latin and French to mean ‘what if’ and in Greek it means ‘just because’. In summary, this no-nonsense word, with various definitions, and ample ways to resonate around the world, was simply perfect in Kalin’s eyes!

How many sellers are on Etsy?

By the end of 2021 the beloved marketplace had accumulated over 7.5 million active sellers with over 90 million active buyers. Wow, that’s seriously impressive! Thanks to Etsy, bucket loads of creativity and craftsmanship are being exchanged globally every day. 

Reasons why we love Etsy…

The Bump, Baby & You community adore Etsy because the premise of the website is based on individuality. When you shop on the high-street you may find that several other people have purchased and now own the same goods as you. However, with Etsy things are less mainstream and it’s a much larger playing field; the product selection is way more diverse.

  • Etsy has tons of personalised items
  • Etsy caters to occasions - think Mother’s Day gifts, Valentine’s presents
  • Etsy is competitive on price
  • The mother and baby community on Etsy is vast and there are so many sentimental items to browse/purchase
  • Etsy offer Klarna so you can split the price of your purchase
  • Gorgeous homeware items presented via talented designers and sellers

…need we say more?

For amazing Etsy discounts and Etsy offers, keep an eye on our Bump, Baby & You socials, we’re always on the hunt for incredible markdowns.

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