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Review: eve Cot Mattress!

Review: eve – The Baby Mattress!

Hello, lovely parents!

Deciding which baby cot mattress to purchase for our little ones is a pretty tough decision. There are so many design features and ranges to chose from. Then there are the ‘safe sleep’ guidelines to consider… it’s enough to make anybody’s brain implode from information overload!

Here at Bump, Baby & You, we strongly endorse the guidelines – they’re evidence based and there to help keep our babies happy and healthy!

So, when we saw the eve baby mattress, we knew we just HAD to try it and give it a review. The eve baby cot mattress is designed with the safe sleep guidelines in mind as eve works in partnership with and supports The Lullaby Trust, making it the best mattress for baby – offering ultimate peace of mind for parents.

My Observations…

The tester: Max, aged almost 1!

Isn’t he just the cutest?!

Max was always a fairly decent sleeper but had a tendency to stir quite often. His previous baby cot mattress was a bog standard Argos baby mattress; comfortable enough but nothing special. It is obviously safe enough for use as Argos, being such a well known retailer, wouldn’t sell goods that don’t pass the correct safety testing, but eve strives to go ‘beyond basic’ by working with The Lullaby Trust to make their baby cot mattresses extra safe for your babies.

Hand on heart, I wasn’t expecting to see a change so quickly… but I did. Coincidence? Could be, but the correlation with the new mattress is too strong for me to not be certain that the eve baby cot mattress helped him to sleep deeper and for longer as it is MAJORLY comfortable. We gave it around 3 weeks in order to log observations before writing this review, for consistency and accuracy of information.

Quality Of Sleep…

From the first night, Max only woke once on average, usually for a sip of water and to find his dummy; down from 3 quick wakings a night. I put this down to the thick, soft foam and pocket springs, plus the better temperature regulation (see below).

The improved quality of sleep has massively decreased the frequency of tantrums and grumpiness in the daytime, and he will now settle for his 2 daily naps very quickly without a fuss. They say that ‘sleep promotes sleep’ and Max is certainly a testament to this!

He has consistently slept for 12 hours a night (8-8) with one wake up since night one of the eve baby mattress as opposed to 9 hours with 3 wakings a night. It feels amazing to actually get some proper sleep now… hallelujah!


Max is a belly sleeper (only recently though now he’s a toddler), so the breathability and good air flow through the baby mattress sets my mind at rest. He has always had an empty cot (because a safe cot is an empty cot), but his belly sleeping did set me on edge until we were gifted the eve baby cot mattress to review.

eve is a member of the British Baby Products Association & European Nursery Products Confederation because they are ‘passionate about quality and safety’.


Max is a ‘sweaty betty’, to put it bluntly.

He sweated in his Chicco side-sleeping crib, and he sweated on his old foam mattress as the air flow wasn’t as good as the Eve mattress. The eve baby cot mattress is designed to let air flow more freely with its 100% polyester spacer border fabric, and regulate the temperature in the cot thus keeping baby at a safe body temperature which reduces the risk of SIDS.

We kept all variables the same; cellular blanket, no heating on, no extra items in the cot, same sleepwear and no extra layers.

Lo and behold… we now wake up to a baby who isn’t sweaty with his hair plastered to his head.

He also only wakes once now for a drink as opposed to 3 or 4 times a night, which shows he isn’t overheating and dehydrating.

Thumbs up from me.

Waterproof Protector…

Max is a bugger for spilling his sippy cup, and he refuses to use his (expensive) 360 cup that doesn’t leak… so the waterproof protective layer is fab, and reduces the risk of mould forming inside the mattress from moisture. Mould is a contributing factor to SIDS, so this is excellent.

Free Delivery, Returns, & Home Trial

  • Delivery – They deliver straight to your doorstep, for free – with next working day delivery available too! You can even select the delivery day & time of your choice.
  • Home Trial – You get 30 nights to decide whether it’s a keeper. If you’re not 100% happy, they’ll pick it up from your home for free and fully refund you.
  • PLUS every eve baby mattress comes with a comprehensive 5 year guarantee. If it fails during the warranty period, they’ll exchange it. No tears or tantrums.

You can buy eve – The Baby Mattress here. The 60 x 120cm model costs £129, and the 70 x 140cm model costs £149. Worth every penny for the safety conscious!


I like how eve is working in partnership with The Lullaby Trust in order to put a baby mattress on the market that is made with maximum safety and safe sleep guidelines in mind. I also admire how eve donates 15% of their profits to The Lullaby Trust – this shows their commitment to reducing the risk of SIDS! It is a fantastic example of ‘corporate social responsibility’, so kudos to eve!

Max has slept much better since we introduced the eve baby mattress; longer, and deeper, which in turn has improved his temperament drastically. Obviously, this could be down to other extraneous factors because babies temperaments fluctuate for a number of reasons but knowing my son like I do, I put it down to the excellent sleep he now gets thanks to the eve baby mattress.

Would I recommend to other parents? Absolutely!

Thank you for reading; I hope the safe sleep information has been useful too.

Love from Katie! Xx

About The eve Baby Mattress

The eve Baby Mattress is distinctive not just due to its colourful edging; it is also designed with safe sleep guidelines in mind due to the partnership between eve and the Lullaby Trust.

eve has also ‘pledged to donate 15% of profits from the eve baby mattress to ‘The Lullaby Trust’, which is a fantastic step in promoting safer sleep for babies and lowering the rate of SIDS.

The Lullaby Trust…

The Lullaby Trust is an organisation which provides funding for research into SIDS, safe sleep information and advice for parents, and support for bereaved families. It was founded in 1969, when a lovely grandmother named Nancy Hunter-Gray lost her beloved grandson Martin to cot death. Determined to tackle the issue of cot death, she donated £200 (lots of money back in those days) to a professor to start the organisation, originally called The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths.

How does the baby cot mattress adhere to the guidelines and improve sleep safety…?

  • Airflow is vital – nothing should restrict airflow to the baby, and an empty cot is a safe cot. The baby mattress uses ‘100% polyester spacer border fabric to ensure maximum breathability’.
  • Optimal temperature is also vital, as overheating can contribute to SIDS. The breathability of the eve baby cot mattress also allows for improved air flow to baby, reducing the SIDS risk.
  • Firm, flat surface due to pocket springs, yet comfortable due to high quality foam – ‘Our foam meets the requirements of British and European nursery standards. It is a high resilience foam with a density of 28kg/m3’. A firm, flat surface is a key safe sleep guideline – in fact, the Lullaby Trust worked with Anne Diamond and the Department of Health in the 1990’s when Anne tragically lost her son to cot death, to promote the ‘Back to Sleep’ campaign which has led to the advice that babies should sleep on their backs.
  • Waterproof, reducing risks of mould and spores. The guidelines advise against reusing old cot mattresses due to the risk of mould and spore growth, as these along with dust raise the risk of SIDS. The waterproof PVF layer on the eve baby mattress helps to mitigate this risk.
  • CentiPur certified foam, meaning no toxic materials used!

You can read more about The Lullaby Trusts safe sleep advice here. The NHS guidelines on safe sleep are also useful and can be viewed here.

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