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Bach To Baby

Bach To Baby
23 Mar 2024 - 21 Apr 2024
Venues in London, Surrey and Kent

Research shows that classical music can have so many benefits for babies!

We're serious - there's some very interesting scientific literature on the benefits of classical music on the overall development of babies, you can read more on that here.

Founded by pianist Miaomiao Yu, Bach To Baby is an event for those of you wanting to introduce your tot to the world of beautiful classical music.

Miaomiao has entertained audiences across North America and Europe, and has been featured on channel 4, BBC London, BBC World Services, RTE (Ireland), CBC and Bravo (Canada) - with so much recognition on the international classical music scene and prizes awarded for her work, she has brought the magic of classical compsure to the world of babies and parenting - a mummy herself, she knows only too well just how fabulous music can be for children.

What is Bach To Baby?

Bach To Baby is an 'innovative series designed for babies and their families where Miaomiao performs with internationally renowned guest artists." So, in essence, this event is a baby classical music concert that parents can also enjoy. Miaomiao Yu says;

"My idea is to provide top quality classical music to entertain adults, while giving children the chance to hear and explore live instruments up close during the crucial early years. Children have an innate ability to understand complexity almost through osmosis. It is my firm belief that the music our children listen to doesn't have to be dumbed down."

With venues around London, Surrey and Kent hosting Bach To Baby events, you should definitely book in if you're nearby as we're hearing great things about these events from parents in our online community!


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