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Predators Event at Longleat

Predators Event at Longleat
29 Mar 2024 - 14 Apr 2024

Longleat is certainly one of the best places in the UK for animal loving families to visit.

This Easter, to celebrate the arrival of African painted dogs at Longleat, they will be launching their exclusive Predators event.

"Keep your wits about you as you explore The Longhouse this Easter holiday, as it’s taken over by predators big and small. Channel your inner carnivore and take on challenges of strength, speed and more, meet some of our smallest predators up-close, and set off on a hunt of your own with our new themed trail."

There will be so much to do at Longleat as part of their Predators event - here's just some of what you and the kids could enjoy...

  • Bear climb wall
  • Cheetah sprint track
  • Indoor long-jump
  • Pressure pad challenge
  • Snake Strike & Spider Sense games
  • Close encounters with creatures
  • Art activities
  • Predators hunt trail with a prize at the end for those who collect clues
  • The Longleat Eggspress for Easter fun


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