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Etsy’s Most Expensive Products

by Bethany Collings

Have you ever wondered what the most expensive thing was on Etsy?

Etsy is the home of handmade, unique and one of a kind items. From tiny to huge items from all corners of the globe, you may ask yourself ‘what is the most expensive object on Etsy?’.

Below are the most expensive things currently on Etsy.com.


At number five, we have a limited edition piece of artwork by an Italian artist Matteo Mario Socci.

This item costs £215,755.60.


Named ‘Marina’s Necklace’, it’s super cute and unique.

Asking price? £217,568.67.


‘FORMULA 1 RACETRACK’ is another piece from Italian artist Matteo Mario Socci.

The price is £218,021.94.


A still life of a corn husk, created by hand from an artist called Victoria San Juan.

You can buy this for £219,215.62.


Called the ‘Drunken Happy Skull’ with a clear indication as to why. I actually think it looks really quaint!

The final item costs, £219,500.27.

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