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Review: Fisher-Price Bright Beats Learning Lights Dance Mat

by Bump, Baby & You

Review: Fisher-Price Bright Beats Learning Lights Dance Mat

 What is the Fisher Price Beats Learning Lights Dance Mat?

The Fisher-Price Bright Beats Learning Light Dance Mat is an interactive mat, designed to interact with your child through the touch sensors – your child’s steps and movements trigger colourful lights, sound, music and commands!

There are 2 modes; mode 1 is ‘Move & Play”, which senses baby reaching for Beatbo (the character at the centre of the mat), and creates interactive light shows when baby pushes the buttons at the base of Beatbo!

Mode 1 is ‘Dance & Learn’, geared towards older kiddies – this move gives educational commands directing baby to different coloured areas on the mat, with musical rewards when baby moves to the correct area!

The four coloured areas teach a different topic;

  • Blue teaches the alphabet.
  • Red teaches the numbers 1-10.
  • Green motivates dancing.
  • Yellow gives educational phrases with fun commands.

The main crux of the toy is to stimulate your child’s sensory development through music, flashing colourful lights and interactive commands. Gross motor skills are also honed through reaching, pressing, dancing and grabbing.

What do our followers say about the Fisher Price Bright Beats Learning Lights Dance Mat?

To be honest, the feedback I got was mixed, for valid reasons…


  • Very stimulating!
  • Younger babies are mesmerised by the lights and colours.
  • The touch sensitive mat is pretty cool!


  • People thought that the Beatbo character would move, but it doesn’t.
  • Older babies tend to grow bored of it quickly.
  • Not as big as expected.

Overall, a really nice toy but perhaps better as a floor based toy for younger children?

The mat from above – click image to buy!

What is my experience of the Fisher Price Bright Beats Learning Lights Dance Mat?

We bought this as one of Max’s first birthday presents and I can honestly say it was a fab purchase.

Sensory: he loves the lights, sound and music. As he grows, he will learn to understand the commands, numbers and colours.

Motor skills: the mat encourages him to stand, bend to touch the mat whilst maintaining his balance, and to dance!

Lots of our reviewers said that their older babies who are walking and mobile got bored but Max is 1 and sits there for ages playing with the buttons and lights.

Where can you buy the Fisher Price Bright Beats Learning Lights Dance Mat?

The Beatbo Dance Mat is currently £34.99 here at Argos!

I hope that this helped inspire your gift shopping for your little ones!

Love from Katie. Xx


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