Swimming Made Easier – Towel Cozy Review


Looking for a clever way to keep your little ones warm after swimming? Then have you heard of the Towel Cozy? Each pack is filled with great ways to make going swimming easier.

If you’ve began to get fed up with having a cold child after swimming, then the Towel Cozy could be the perfect fit for you.

Designed with a special button to click, it spreads heat in a small pouch that is designed to go into your towel bag before swimming. This then means when you come to retrieve the towel, it will be cosy and warm.

The Set Includes:

  • Towel Cozy Heat Pad
  • A Storage Bag
  • A Boil Bag
  • A Storage Box
  • Instruction Leaflet

When you order your Towel Cozy, it will come to you as a complete set ready to go. It can even be used immediately after opening. So no messing around!

Not only is it re-usable, portable, but the gel heat pad emits heat for  up to two hours. All you need to do is click a special spot and away it goes.

 This product comes with multiple uses such as, keeping you warm whilst watching your child at practice, camping, sore joints, during emergencies like a car breakdown, and can be made into a great alternative hot water bottle.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Towel Cozy, you can do here.

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