Why NOW TV Is Perfect For Parents


Fed up with paying for channels that you don’t watch? Fed up of there never being anything worth watching? Looking for greater variety at a low cost…?

NOW TV could be the right choice for you!

What is NOW TV?

‘The best of paid TV’ with no contracts or strings attached; no pressure! Many TV packages lock you in with contracts and channels that you will likely never watch; NOW TV gives YOU the control and the option to access channels not available on freeview without any clauses and faff.

NOW TV can be viewed on up to 60 devices; televisions, tablets, mobile phones, games consoles etc. NOW TV gives you access to over 250 box sets and movies totally on demand.

The Packages Explained

You can choose a NOW TV package that suits you and your needs; I’ve picked the children’s package for Max, plus I enjoy cartoons myself (don’t judge!), so it’s win-win really. I’ll explain more about this package in the next section. There are sports packages, film packages, and entertainment packages.

Picking a package and signing up is super simple really – good for parents like me who struggle to choose anything. You select the package suitable for you, and get a 14 day free trial, after which you are charged monthly with no obligation to continue the subscription.

If you a have a ‘smart TV’ with the Roku app, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox one, or any device such as a tablet or smartphone, you can use these to watch.  If not, you can order the package that comes with a box. The box effectively turns your standard TV into a smart TV, providing you with access to apps such as Youtube, BBC iPlayer etc.

You can opt for the NOW TV Box, either by itself or with a package of your choice.*

There is also the NOW TV Smart Box, which cost slightly more but gives you the option to stop, start and rewind live tv!*

The NOW TV box comes with a nifty little remote control too!

The Kids Package & Channels Included

I’ve opted into the amazing children’s channel package; it includes channels that aren’t available on freeview like Sky Kids, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr, Cartoon Network, Boomerang (I’m getting all reminiscent of my childhood) and 1000’s of episodes of shows such as Dexters Laboratory, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (who knew they’d made a tv show? I didn’t!), My Little Pony plus so many more.

For £2.99 per month after the initial 14 day free trial, it’s truly excellent value for money!

We opted for a 3 month kids pass!

What Max Makes of NOW TV…

I try to carefully manage Max’s screen time so that he gets plenty of interaction and playtime, but I think it can be said for most families that the TV is a pretty integral aspect of entertainment and relaxation time!

We have Amazon Prime TV, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Plex and the ITV app – yet we still struggle to find things worth watching. We’ve paid for media packages before (with a monthly contract and fixed term) and found that out of the thousands of channels, we only watched a handful and were paying out of the nose for relatively very little interesting content.

However, NOW TV’s children’s package is a game changer! No more repetitive afternoons of the same episode of the same show, no more time spent browsing through all the apps we have struggling to find kids TV that we have’t seen before. We can just click and presto, a new show/episode!

Max is pretty made up by our new NOW TV subscription, as it features episodes of Hey Duggee!

(When he naps, I watch Dexter’s Laboratory and The Powerpuff Girls… #sorrynotsorry)

In Conclusion…

NOW TV is a fab and affordable investment for families!

  • No fixed contract, so there’s no pressure or obligation.
  • Ease of use; it’s easy to find what you want when sleep deprived with the kids running riot…
  • Very reasonable pricing!
  • Amazing variety of channels and shows

Plus you get a 14-day free trial to try it out for yourself … What are you waiting for? 


Do YOU have NOW TV? Tell us what you love about it in the comments!

Love from Katie. Xx

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