The Garden Hazard You Need To Watch Out For This Summer…


Hose pipes.

Yep. Hose pipes! Not wasp nests, biting ants, adders, thorn bushes, bodies of water – all obviously very real risks but the ones you’d expect me to have stated – but HOSE PIPES are the surprising risk that all mummies and daddies need to be mindful of, particularly during very hot weather.

There have been cases where strong direct sunlight has heated up the standing water left in the hose pipe to very high temperatures. In the case of Nicholas Woodger, his parents didn’t realise, and when they went to spray their toddler during a water play session, they inadvertently left him with with serious burns.

Not something you’d expect to happen at all, right?


Poor wee Nicholas Woodger! 🙁 (Image: @LasVegasFD/Twitter)

How awful!

So remember, turn the hose pipe on away from people and allow any residual water to be expelled before spraying anyone.

Love from Katie & Team BBY! Xx

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