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Durex Real Feel and Latex-Free Condom Recall

by Bump, Baby & You

Mummies & daddies who are reliant on Durex real feel and latex-free condoms for family planning should take other precautions as these products have been recalled by Durex!

Official Recall Statement by Durex:

‘The safety of our consumers always comes first, and this is reflected in our rigorous quality standards. We recently found that a limited number of the above condoms made earlier this year are not passing our stringent shelf-life durability tests.

Our tests have shown that some batches which are currently on the market in UK & Ireland do not pass the requirements for burst pressure towards the end of the shelf life for the product. The expiry date of the affected batches is between Dec. 2020 and Feb. 2021.

Our condoms are intended to provide a method of contraception and prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) through a non-latex barrier that offers a benefit to consumers sensitive to latex.
Only for the batches of condoms affected by this issue, there could be an increase in the number of condoms that burst during application or use. Always read the label which states “Should a condom leak or burst during use, seek doctor or pharmacist assistance as soon as possible, at least within 72 hrs.”

There is no immediate safety concern for consumers and only a limited number of batches are affected. However, working closely with the relevant regulatory authorities we have decided to recall the following Durex Real Feel & Durex Latex Free batches.

  1. Durex Real Feel 6 Pack, Batch Number 1000438054, Expiry Date Jan-2021
  2. Durex Real Feel 12 Pack, Batch Number 1000444370, Expiry Date Feb-2021
  3. Durex Real Feel 12 Pack, Batch Number 1000474804, Expiry Date Feb-2021
  4. Durex Latex Free 12 Pack, Batch Number 1000444367, Expiry Date Feb-2021
  5. Durex Latex Free 12 Pack, Batch Number 1000433145, Expiry Date Jan-2021
  6. Durex Real Feel 12 Pack, Batch Number 1000419930, Expiry Date Jan-2021
  7. Durex Real Feel 12 Pack, Batch Number 1000444367, Expiry Date Feb-2021
  8. Durex Real Feel 12 Pack, Batch Number 1000416206, Expiry Date Dec-2020
  9. Durex Real Feel 18 Pack, Batch Number 1000434066, Expiry Date Jan-2021
  10. Durex Real Feel 18 Pack, Batch Number 1000430479, Expiry Date Jan-2021

Batch numbers are shown on the bottom of the pack and on the foil wrapping of individual condoms, as illustrated in the pictures below.’

I am affected – what should I do?

All questions should be directed to Durex directly, via telephone on 0333 2005 345 for the UK and (01) 630 5429 for ROI or contact them through e-mail at consumer.relations-hcukroi@rb.com.

If the condoms you have are affected and part of the batches listed above, you will get a full refund via cheque if you post the condoms to…

PO BOX 4644

Make sure you provide your full name & address so that your cheque reaches you! And make sure you don’t use condoms from these batches… unless you don’t mind welcoming another bundle of joy into the world!

Personally, I’d also advise couples affected to take a pregnancy test around the time of the next expected period, and if applicable, attend their local GUM clinic if STD’s could be a concern.

Love from Katie! Xx

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