It Started With a Fruit Shoot…

Temper temper 24/6/18

It started with a Fruit Shoot… (other makes are available!) 🥤

Despite the fact Big Boy N had already had 3, (don’t judge me!) and had a perfectly acceptable drink made up in his water bottle, he wanted another one. He was told “no” and the world as we know it ended.

He then wanted mummy to feed him.

 Despite the fact that usually mummy is not allowed to feed him as he is a big boy. And it was a sausage roll. He was told “no” because mummy was feeding Little T, and the world grew even more unfair.

Then he wanted to walk the dog… without any clothes on. 🐕 

Despite the fact that he had chosen his own clothes. And he was even allowed to wear a super hero costume. He was told “no”, and the world was as bleak as can be.

He wanted mummy to pick up his tool box. 🔨 

Despite the fact that he had just thrown it across the room because he wasn’t allowed to walk the dog naked. And mummy offered to do it with him. He was told “no”, and life was no longer worth living.

He was offered a sleep. But he didn’t want one because he wasn’t ratty. He wasn’t tired. He wasn’t grumpy. He said “no”, and mummy lost the will to live….

Please send wine 🍷
Oh no, I’m breastfeeding and so not drinking.

Bloody kids 🤦🏻‍♀️

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Written by Zaza Romney for her Facebook blog, Midnight Mumblings of a Second Time Mum!