Why We Are MAD For Mud Kitchens!

If you’re looking for a fantastic, educational, dynamic outdoor activity for your little one, have you considered getting a mud kitchen?

Yup, that’s right… a mud kitchen!

With the rise in popularity of forest schools, Montessori learning, and general outdoor play, mud kitchens have experienced a boom too. Fairly small, educationally useful, easy to position in most gardens regardless of size, durable, and of course devoid of plastic and flashing lights (a positive for our parents who love wooden toys), mud kitchens are a fantastic outdoor activity. My sons forest school group and nursery both have mud kitchens, and he gets tonnes of enjoyment out of them. All you need is some natural detrius; mud, soil


TP Toys Muddy Madness Mud Kitchen

I think this is going to be my sons main birthday present next month – it’s one of the cheapest mud kitchens I’ve seen, but the price doesn’t detract from the quality or features. It comes with a starter pack of stainless steel pots and a whisk, washing up bowl, refillable water butt, and a blackboard where your little one can write their muddy menu!

You can view this mud kitchen here.*

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Plum Products Discovery Mud Pie Kitchen

This Plum Products mud kitchen is amazing if you want to push the boat out! It comes with stainless steel pots and pans, wood chimes for that extra outdoorsy touch, and a window panel that your little one can paint!

You can see this mud kitchen here.*

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TP Toys Muddy Cook Wooden Mud Kitchen Outdoor Play

This pared-down, simple mud kitchen is suitable for families with limited outdoor space, but the compact size doesn’t detract from the fun factor! It comes with  pack of stainless steel starter tools too.

You can view this mud kitchen here.*

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Love from Team BBY. Xx