Are you eating again?

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Hands up how many of you have had a man say to you “are you eating AGAIN?”

If i had a pound for every time a man said that to me, lets just say i wouldnt be sitting here ranting, id be crying my eyes out in a private jet on my way to bora bora..NOT.

What motivates a person to ask such a question to a woman? Is a woman not allowed to eat and enjoy eating? Its two thousand and fucking eighteen, the whole vision of being “ladylike” sitting nibbling on a lettuce leaf and dabbing the side of your lips with a napkin is an unrealistic expectation in this day and age for christ sake.

I mean if you want to sit and nibble on a lettuce leaf and dab the side of your lips with a napkin then go for it hun, each to their own.

Me, i will eat what i want and as much as i want, i will also burp and fart. Because thats just me. I am a woman, im also human, and saying shit like that stated above rattles one big nerve of mine.

Ive had various jobs in my life, and ive had male co workers in all of them pass that remark to me, i’d be eating an apple, and it could have been the first time id ate that day, and someone would say “tut tut are you eating again luca?” Or another comment, which a customer has actually said to me before, “here that wont do anything for your waistline or your diet”……ok Bernard, number 1, at what point did i ask for your fucking opinion, number 2, why would you automatically assume im on a diet?.. i did respond to said customer saying the “why would you assume im on a diet?” Part, and you know what his answer was? Because youre a girl, and you girls are always on diets…..ladies, this was the rigmarole i got for eating a fucking apple.

Its simply not ok, luckily for me i have a thick enough skin and i can take it on the chin, not everyone can though, and some ignoramous could say this to a girl, thinking theyre being funny and it could lead to something horrible and give someone a terrible complex. Noone says balls to men who stuff their faces, but its ok, because theyre men.

Its even comes as close to home for me when someone i know and know well even makes comments such as that, and has done at various times in my life. Implying im fat, or asking that same stupid “are you eating again?” Question. Luckily for me, id class myself as an ok 6 or 6.5/10 when im showered and hair brushed, he will always look like a melted wellie boot, but thats none of my business ☕🐸

If you are a person that does this, have a fucking word with yourself.

Im away to eat my crisps and be happy, and you know why? Because i fucking damn well can.