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Our Favourite Hands-On Kids Craft Activities!

by Bump, Baby & You

With roughly two more weeks of the summer holidays left, you may be finding yourself looking for more fun activities to enjoy with your children.

DIY art projects are an affordable and super exciting activity that are especially handy for spending rainy days indoors (because let’s face it, do we EVER get a dry summer in the UK?!). Here’s what I’ve found… enjoy!

Colour Your Own Fox Toy

This cute fox plush can be customised and decorated however your little one wants! You can also opt for a set of high quality textile pens at checkout. Such a fun activity for a rainy day…

You can find it here at JoyfulRiver*.

Modular Treehouse & Building Walls

This modulated natural wood set is amazing! Your wee one can decide what sort of treehouse they want to design using the modulated pieces. This activity promotes imaginative play, as well as fine motor skills and social skills if playing with playmates.

You can find it here at manzanitakids*.

Kitten Craft Kit

Sewing is a very handy skill, and it can produce hours of fun, so why not introduce it to your little one (provided they’re over the age of 7 as this kit specifies)? This felt kitten craft kit is perfect for beginners as it only needs basic stitches.

You can find it here at claraandmacy*.

Design Your Own Trainers Kit

I’d have loved this as a child! This kit allows your kids to design and customise the provided shoes with 6 waterproof paints that can be erased using the included magic eraser pads, meaning that this kit can be used time and time again – fantastic value for money.

You can find it here at MyDesignShoes*.

DIY Dreamcatcher Kit

For the perfect homemade bedroom accessory, you can’t go wrong with a dreamcatcher kit! Your wee one will be so proud of their creation.

You can find this here at WORLDREAMER*.

Rock Decorating Kit

Pebble painting has become quite popular as of late – painting rocks & pebbles which are naturally & readily available saves money and forests as no paper is required!

You can find this here at StudioTaliron*.

I hope you find some activities that you & your wee ones absolutely adore – happy crafting!

Love from Katie. Xx


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