Alfie Evans Has Become a Big Brother!

Alfie’s parents have proudly introduced baby Thomas to the world!

After losing their 2 year old son, Alfie Evans, to a very rare and at that point unidentified disorder in April, they have welcomed Alfie’s little brother. You can watch their interview from TV show This Morning here… grab the tissues!

Alfie also has finally had a conclusive diagnosis, putting paid to unfounded rumours that his condition was down to negligence or vaccination.

Genetic testing can take a long time, as we have so many genes, sequencing them all and identifying even the tiniest flaw is painstaking. In June, Kate received a phone call asking her to attend hospital, where they were given the news that both Tom and Kate share a very rare gene flaw known as the  ‘ABAT’ mutation, causing the condition called GABA-transaminase deficiency – when two individuals with this mutation meet and have a baby, it can cause Alfie’s condition. It has only ever affected 10 recorded patients, Alfie included.

This condition runs a 1 in 4 risk of affecting future siblings, but luckily, baby Thomas is perfectly healthy. Of course, there is no replacing gorgeous Alfie, but I hope that with baby Thomas, Tom & Kate are able to start to heal and enjoy a contented family life with their angel guiding them along the way.

Congratulations to Tom, Kate & Alfie!

Love from Team BBY. Xx