Our Favourite Instruments For Mini Musical Maestros!

As someone who has lots of experience of working in schools, training as a primary school teacher, and as a mummy with a son who LOVES music, I can definitely say that music is such a valuable learning tool! Through rhythm & song, you can teach little ones new words, numbers, the alphabet… all whilst having tonnes of fun.

We spend hours with his xylophone, drums and piano, singing nursery rhymes and having a right giggle – who said that educational activities couldn’t be fun?!

Here are my favourite kids instruments to help bring out your child’s inner virtuoso!

Personalised First Instrument Set

This is just adorable – it comes with a wooden harmonica (personalised), wooden clappers (personalised), wooden recorder, tambourine, and a wooden rattle. With Christmas heading our way at breakneck speed, this would make an ace gift from Santa.

You can find it at InBetweenTheKids*.

Personalised Safari Music Box

Another fabulous instrument set! This comes with a tambourine, rattle, clatter, mouth organ and recorder, and is beautifully painted too.

You can find it at DarklingDesigns10*.

Wooden Owl Musical Board

This wooden owl musical board has it all – xylophone, guiro, two drums, a cymbal, and two beaters. The gorgeous owl shape is sure to engage any curious toddler, plus it is easy to use as the two back legs tilt backwards to allow the board to stand upright. I really love this!

You can find it at BeeSmartToys*.

Floral Motif Personalised Instrument Box

Flower-loving mini musicians will adore this personalised tray that comes with a xylophone, maracas, a tambourine and castanets, and bound to enjoy endless hours of rhythm.

You can find it at DarklingDesigns10*.

Personalised Jingle Sticks

Perfect for younger babies who are still honing their motor skills, these personalised jingle sticks would make a fantastic gift or even a cute Christmas stocking filler, perhaps?

You can find them at DarklingDesigns10*.

Personalised Traditional Soldier Drum

Handmade with painstaking attention, this traditional solider drum is a simple yet stunning musical toy for your rhythmic rugrat! It would be perfect for Halloween if your little one plans to dress up as a traditional soldier…

You can find it at RobRoyToyMakers*.

Personalised Ukulele

Awwww, this mini ukulele is great! For me, this is a ‘stepping stone’ from musical toys, transitioning towards taking proper music lessons as an older child.

You can find it here at ILTToys*.

Which musical toy is your favourite? For me, it has to be the owl board, although I love the instrument boxes too… tell me your top pick and why in the comments! Also, share any musical activity ideas with us to inspire other readers! <3

Love from Katie. Xx