To My Second Born…

To my second born:

I’m sorry we don’t get to have much one to one time, just you and me. You don’t get my undivided attention and I feel guilty every day for that.

I’m sorry you don’t get to go to all the group’s that your brother got to experience as a baby, with 2 of you, it’s just not possible but mummy tries to make sure you both get to have fun.

I’m sorry I don’t do all the special milestone cards with you like I did with him, life is just so hectic and busy but mummy captures the memories in her mind (and the 10 thousand photos!)

I’m sorry we don’t have cuddle duvet days, a certain little 2 year old won’t let us do that 😉

I’m sorry you get mainly second hand clothes and toys. Being so close in age you might as well share but don’t worry you’ll still get special Xmas presents.

You might be having different experiences to your brother but I’m doing the best I can to make sure it’s a happy, loving experience for you and that you enjoy everything we do together. You are lucky that you will always have someone to experience things with. You will always have your older brother looking after you. Always remember you’re special and amazing.

I love you.

Zebra Mumma