Countess of Chester Hospital Neonatal Unit Extension Proposal REJECTED Due To Complaining Neighbour

Team BBY need YOUR help get this rejection overturned. Our very own blogger Bethany has had recent experience of the Neonatal unit at this hospital, so it is an issue close to our hearts.

The Countess of Chester Hospital planned to extend their neonatal unit as it is currently struggling to accommodate all whom need it. However, their proposal was rejected due ONE objection from a neighbour who complained that the planned works would ‘overshadow’ her house.

Yup, you read that correctly. Increased space and resources to save the lives of poorly babies, rejected due to one individual. Surely this isn’t right? According to local press outlet The Daily Post, the single storey extension was turned down on the casting vote of Chester West and Chester’s planning committee chairwoman Cllr Gill Watson ‘because it would overshadow one property’. She was then supported by committee member Jill Houlbrook, who requested that people ‘put emotions aside and consider the impact the development would have ‘on the life of a family’.’ It is also claimed that there are ‘better’ sites for redevelopment, but none of these would be next to the current neonatal unit.

This is just wrong. What about the impact on the lives of the many families who would BENEFIT from the redevelopment of the neonatal unit? Surely this resident actively chose to purchase a property bordering a busy hospital, knowing that redevelopment is always a possibility? Surely there could have been some compromise agreed? I also find it outrageous that someone in such a position of authority would dismiss the notion of saving the lives of more poorly babies as flippantly & offhandedly as ’emotions’, implying it’s less important than the ‘residential amenity’ of a household.

We ask that everyone please sign this petition to get the proposal rejection overturned and assist The Countess of Chester Hospital in achieving their goal! You can find the petition here.

Thank you for your support! Love from Team BBY. Xx


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