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As a self-confessed spa addict, you can imagine that my house is rammed to the rafters with goodies. My husband-to-be works for a spa too, which only serves to feed my passion for all things pampering. Our little man, Max (aged two), has not escaped this and regularly finds himself enjoying a spa session – I think it is a perfect bonding opportunity!

For me, these four things are fundamental when it comes to whether I love a product and would recommend;

  • How gentle is the product on the skin? Max has sensitive skin, like me. Hypoallergenic is a must!
  • Hair build up – will the product cause scalp build up or residue on Max’s hair?
  • Smell – I don’t like anything that smells artificial.
  • Environmental impact – harsh chemicals can wash away into our ecosystem.

Fussy customer, or just a discerning product connoisseur (I wish)? Either way, I know what I like, and I love to pamper Max with fabulous products to make him feel fresh and moisturised, and smell absolutely divine, whilst still striking the balance between luxury and practicality.

Fifi & Friends is a brand (founded by Tamara Ecclestone) that I’ve heard of recently and was desperate to try for myself after struggling to find a baby brand that really hits the mark for me, so when this gorgeous box of Fifi & Friends goodies arrived, it’s safe to say that I was like a child on Christmas morning! The presentation of the box immediately struck me – such professional presentation, with the bow offsetting it perfectly. Fifi & Friends also sells gifting boxes that look very similar, so if you’re after a gift for a new mama who loves gentle baby products… you know where to go!

What makes Fifi & Friends so special?

Fifi & Friends focuses on bringing natural ingredients & science together to create the very best products, with allergies & sensitivities in mind! They also don’t test on animals, which is a bonus for our parents who prefer to to avoid products tested on animals.

“We merge the very best of nature and science and combine them with botanical extracts to formulate our UK-made products with modern benefits. Our products nourish, soothe and moisturize even the most sensitive skin and is suitable for newborns.”

Their Ethos…


To put things into perspective, here is the rationale behind avoiding certain chemicals…

Parabens: are a type of preservative used to give things a longer shelf life. There are increasing concerns by the public that parabens can be toxic to our ecosystems and even contribute to hormonal problems! European Legislation allows them to be used, but Denmark has banned the use of two types of paraben due to these concerns.

Sulphates: Sodium Laureth Sulphate is the most well known one! Sulfates are a product used to give products a lather, so they become bubbly when used. They also remove oil and dirt. However, they can irritate the skin and eyes, so it goes without saying that Fifi & Friends do not use sulphates in their products!

Synthetic colours: As this brand focuses on natural ingredients, they’ve done away with synthetic colours to ensure that their products are as natural and organic as possible.

Silicones: Silicones are smoothing and water resistant, so they’re popular with lots of companies as they make their products seem more hydrating as moisture is locked in by the silicones. They’re not considered a hazard to people, but certain types of silicones are now being investigated as a possible risk to the biological diversity of ecosystems due to people using products containing silicones, washing it down the drain in the shower or bath, and it then ending up in the local water table, rivers and streams. ALSO: silicones can give hair products a nasty residue that weighs hair down. Yuck!

Allergens: Wheat is a really common allergen that parents encounter when using baby products – how annoying! To ensure that these products are as hypoallergenic as possible, Fifi & Friends have done away with using wheat at all. Some companies use emulsifiers and stabilisers that are derived from wheat sources, which means that allergy parents are forced to read the ingredients for everything…

Instead, Fifi & Friends focuses on gentle, naturally derived ingredients with allergies in mind; you can see the full list here!

“Our collection is hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested, and free from parabens, sulphates, silicones and wheat. The range includes organic aloe vera, organic coconut oil, avocado oil and sweet almond oil.”

My Experience With Fifi & Friends Baby Products…

Opening the box…

My first reaction was ‘wow’. The brand promotes being hypoallergenic, ‘kind’, and gentle on a little one’s skins, so using a soft pastel palette in their branding definitely evokes vibes of being super soft – first impressions are important, and for me, my first thoughts were very positive. The cute personal message to me was lovely too – it helped me feel part of something special!

So, with the help of my two year old son Max, I set about trying out each of these products!

My wee boy Max – photo taken after using the Fifi & Friends Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner!



Over the course of a few bath times, we tried out the following…

  • Fifi & Friends Gentle Taming shampoo and conditioner
  • Fifi & Friends Super Soft baby wash
  • Fifi & Friends Gentle Nourishing shampoo and conditioner
  • Fifi & Friends Gentle Swimmers shampoo

Hair Product Review

Finding an effective shampoo that isn’t harsh on the scalp or hair is so important. I’ve tried so many brands with Max and found that they leave a nasty residue on his scalp, or leave his hair either weighed down or frizzy & unmanageable! Fifi & Friends products are so light & silky in comparison, but without detriment to how effectively they work…

Conditioning Detangling Spray

Max has fairly wavy/curly hair that tangles easily, so this spray couldn’t have come at a better time! It has meant the end of grappling with a child who has the strength & speed of a greased-up squid, as brushing his hair is sooooo much more comfortable for him. It didn’t weigh his hair down with heavy residue either, but left it shiny & silky due to the aloe vera extract it contains!

Swimmer Shampoo

Chlorine… parents of waterbabies will know the N I G H T M A R E that chlorine can ravage on hair. The aloe vera extract works wonders for removing that ‘pool pong‘ without being too harsh and stripping hair of its natural oils. Max’s hair came out super soft and smelled wonderful, and we particularly appreciated it being tear free as chlorine can leave little eyes feeling sensitive.

Gentle Taming Shampoo & Conditioner

This shampoo and conditioner is made with curly locks in mind! Max’s hair has a bit of a curl to it in places, and we could definitely tell a difference in the manageability after using this shampoo & conditioner once – aloe vera really is the jack of all trades! Even daddy noticed how lovely Max’s hair looked after, and he is the kind of bloke who never notices anything…

Gentle Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner

This shampoo is light and silky but at the same time, really deeply nourishes the hair. We let max go a few days with a generic branded shampoo after trying the Gentle Taming Fifi & Friends products, just to give us a more accurate presentation of how well it works. Max is very prone to frizz on the crown of his head (just like daddy), and we found that that despite the products being so light and airy, they smoothed the hair out and the fluffy frizz was nowhere to be seen after!

The conditioner feels much lighter than any other conditioner I’ve ever encountered – I even had to double check the bottle once I squeezed some onto my palm – but it is SO creamy & rich due to it containing lots of lush avocado oil, which contains beneficial fatty acids.

Max giving his seal of approval!

Skin Care

The skin is the largest organ we have, and protects us from so many nasties – it goes without saying that giving your little one a superb skin care routine gives them a good start. Fifi & Friends skin care products aim to protect and nourish delicate skin.

Baby Lotion

My first thought about the baby lotion Fifi & Friends sent me was how rich and nourishing it is – it felt oily when I squirted some onto my palms (in a good way, not greasy at all), and when rubbed in, it left Max’s skin super soft and without the typical dry flakiness lots of other products leave him with. It has a mild, natural smell, free of any artificial undertones thanks to our good friend aloe vera! To be honest, I have been sharing this with Max as I struggle to find a moisturiser light enough to not clog my pores but effective enough to leave my skin silky. #Sorrynotsorry

We’ve been using lots of this every night for a baby massage session before a glass of warm milk & Peppa Pig – it’s helped him to become very relaxed and settled for a good nights sleep as he feels pampered.

Nappy care

The Protective Nappy Formula is honestly a game changer! Max has never had a really bad case of nappy rash but I have noticed that when he has a bad tummy, his bottom looks a tad raw. He has recently had a bug, which has in turn caused tummy issues and a sore bottom due to his poo being acidic and mucusy. Within a day of using the Protective Nappy Formula with each nappy change, we noticed that his sore bottom improved much faster that it has with metanium or sudacream which is fantastic, and I can totally see us continuing to buy this. It contains coconut oil, which is why it is so rich & nourishing on his skin, and also means that it smells incredible.

The Daily Bottom Butter is one thing I never knew I needed, and now I have it, I will want to use it F O R E V E R. Wow. I’ve been using this on Max after every bath before getting him ready for bed, so he not only feels clean before bed, but also pampered. It contains coconut oil so it smells divine, and helps to protect little bottoms from nasty nappy rash.

Face Milk

If your wee one is prone to dry patches on their face, this Face Milk is lush and you should try it. A little really goes a long way, and it feels SO nourishing on the skin! The sweet smell of the almond oil is gorgeous. It is important to remember that almond oil is rich in vitamin E, which is known to have protective properties against UV damage, as well as containing fatty acids that help skin retain moisture and prevent chapping. This would be amazing over the winter to protect against harsh winds and counteract the glare of the winter sun (still use sun cream though, obviously!).

Rescue Cream

The weather has been a tad brisk recently, and with an outdoorsy child like Max, we have spent lots of time exploring the woods, the garden, and whilst at nursery Max has spent lots of time playing outside. This can lead to chapped lips, dry skin and eczema patches especially when the weather is cold! This rescue cream has been marvellous for the sensitive skin on his face.

It is an ‘intensive, nourishing’ barrier cream, and can be used on other body parts. Since implementing use each day before nursery or outdoor play, I’ve noticed that he is coming in from outside looking rosy but without looking dry or sore. It contains shea butter and olive oil, which are both super rich and moisturising without being harsh on the skin or the ecosystem.

Baby Cleansing Wipes

Max is really prone to reacting to baby wipes! It’s been a case of trial and error finding anything that is usable. These organic cotton wipes didn’t leave him with angry pink skin! I even tried some on my face (the perfect test for baby wipes, I think, is to try on your own face and if your face burns, they’re no good for baby!), and was pleasantly surprised with how effective they are at cleaning up messes without being harsh on your delicate skin. For a mucky pup like my son, this is SO important.

I’ll also add that the quality of the wipe itself was way beyond superior compared to other brands; they’re so strong and durable, and don’t stretch or tear during a particularly vigorous wiping session, which we sooooo needed after his spaghetti bolognaise feast (photo below). They’re also biodegradable – this ticks another box for ecofriendly parents.

After an afternoon of playing with chalk in the garden, and then a big bowl of Spaghetti Bolognaise, it is safe to say that Fifi & Friends wipes saved the day!


Fifi & Friends offers free gift wrapping on all products, and they also sell gift boxes – the perfect Baby Shower present for an expectant mama! Here is the Daily Essentials Gift Box;

Overall Perception of Fifi & Friends…

Hand on heart, I feel like I’ve found a brand that I can rely on to meet both practicality & pampering requirements!

I want my son to feel clean, moisturised and pampered without risking making him itchy and uncomfortable, and without detriment to our environment. I massively respect the ethos of Fifi & Friends – their care towards their customers, animals, and the environment is a fabulous example of a company taking Corporate Social Responsibility seriously.

Also, a small amount of each product goes far further than products from other brands, so whilst I have most of each product left after a month of use, I’d usually have to stock up on alternatively branded products after about two weeks.

If you love to pamper your wee ones without losing practicality, I fully recommend Fifi & Friends! You can find their products on their website here. Harvey Nichols and Amazon are also stockists.

Love from Katie & Max. Xx


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