Peppa Pig For Grown Ups… Don’t Let The Kids Watch!


This dubbed over video of Peppa Pig has had me howling with laughter! They say laughter is the best form of medicine, so wash away those winter blues with a good chuckle. There are tonnes of similar versions floating around, I’ve picked my favourite as I feel that it isn’t too crude & pointless as the others. Feel free to find the rest over on the weird side of Youtube at your own risk!

Beware, this is NOT SAFE FOR KIDS. It’s rude, silly and the perfect parental comic relief (particularly for parents who are sick of Peppa Bleedin’ Pig).

This is actually a good opportunity to warn parents with kids who use Youtube on their tablets and smartphones to keep an eye out for these adult Peppa Pig episodes, as they’re not appropriate for the little ones but at first sight may seem like normal episodes.


*Profane language warning*

Peppa Pig Christmas Episode – Adult Only Version!

So naughty!! Infinitely better than normal Peppa Pig, I reckon… Love from Katie. Xx