Things I Wonder When Watching Peppa Pig…

“WHY IS EVERYTHING ON A HILL? Where on earth is this set? The Swiss Alps? The bleedin’ Himalayas? Los Angeles?”

“Oh look, they’re all laughing, how lovely… and now they’ve thrown themselves back onto the floor. Weird. I swear to god, if my Max copies that he’ll crack his skull open!”

“Why is Susie Sheep such a stirring little cowbag? She’s going to be a right nightmare when she’s a teenager!”

“Edmund Elephant, he’s going to grow up to be one of those annoying guys who ‘mansplains’ EVERYTHING, little clever clogs.”


“Why are 99% of their cars convertibles? Jammy buggers, these animals.”

“Oh my god, they did NOT call Dr Brown Bear for Pedro Pony’s cough?! Jeez, he’s going in an ambulance! I’d be interested to know if the emergency services have had kids calling 999 for a cough since that episode aired…”

Tell me in the comments… what parts of Peppa Pig get YOU pondering?

Love from Katie! xx

P.S. I hope you enjoyed my picture sequence. Couldn’t use the real images down to copyrighting & not being that good at photoshop! 😛


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