Where To Buy Christmas Eve Boxes

On the lookout for Christmas Eve boxes for 2018? Whether you’d like a wooden Christmas Eve box to use year after year or a family-sized box for goodies and presents everyone can enjoy on December 24th, we’ve got some suggestions for you.

A box deep enough for larger items

Hobbycraft has been on the Christmas Eve box train for some time and stock a good mix of ready decorated and ready-to-decorate gift boxes that you can put to use. We love this 27.5cm x 28 cm box as it’s deep enough to pop in things like Christmas baubles or pyjamas. Plus, you could easily pop a child or family name sticker on the outside to personalise the box.

A Magical Themed Christmas Eve Box

In our recent post on filling Christmas Eve boxes, we talked about filling a box around a child’s or adult’s hobbies or interests. You could put a Peppa themed box together for a Peppa Pig fan, a cute box of Disney pyjamas or other goodies for the Disney lover in your life or how about this fabulous Harry Potter inspired Christmas Eve Box? “Alohomora!’ You can find it at LoveAndLollipops1*.

A Modern Re-usable Christmas Eve Box

Want something brightly coloured and a bit more modern but need to be able to re-use it for years to come? We love the print on this personalised North Pole Christmas Eve Box. You can find it at RogerAndRalphGB*.

A Classic Festive Night Before Christmas Box

This simple snowflake and Night Before Christmas wooden box is larger than average and can be personalised as a family Christmas Eve box or you could add your little one’s name instead. You can find it at ForeverBespoke*.

Affordable Matching Christmas Eve Boxes

Got a lot of kids and adults to buy for but want a coordinated look? These self assemble boxes come personalised and the seller has several styles to choose from so you can match your boxes to your Christmas Décor. You can find them at DottyHens*.

Matalan’s Affordable Christmas Eve Boxes

One thing Matalan does really well is to take a trend and make it affordable for all and that’s exactly what they’ve done with their affordable Christmas Eve boxes. Last year, some of their most popular designs sold out quite early on, so be sure to snap up your favourite before Santa’s elves run out.

This* traditionally decorated personalised Christmas Eve box comes with stickers to add their name.

This* Elf Post Christmas Eve box has a little section where you can add the recipient’s name and a beautiful snowflake pattern around the sides.

This* Jolly Santa Christmas Eve box is a handy square shape.

We think this* Santa Belly square Christmas Eve box would make a lovely adult Christmas Eve box for him or her. It also comes with tissue paper to wrap individual items

Family Christmas Eve Box Ideas

Looking for something to stash goodies or a board game for all? Here are some of our picks for a picture-perfect family sized Christmas Eve box.

We love the ribbon on this* Large Family Sized Christmas Eve Box, which comes personalised with your family name.

How cute are the little personalised stockings on the side of this* wooden family Christmas Eve box?!

DIY Christmas Eve Boxes

Fancy having a go at decorating your own Christmas Eve box or family Christmas Eve crate? Take a look at these!

This* grey crate from Dunelm doesn’t look particularly Christmassy right now, but add some decorations, wind some tinsel round and add a sticker with your family name on and you’ve got a re-usable crate for a fraction of the ready-made price.

This* large wooden box from Hobbycraft is ideal for self-decoration projects. Personalise with stencils and paint or varnish or try your hand at pyrography and etch your own design on.

Do you have a Christmas Eve box or are you planning to buy some this year? Decorating a box yourself? We’d love to hear your ideas and tips.


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