Deck the Halls! Let’s Talk Christmas Decoration Trends

When Christmas arrives will you be decking the halls with boughs of holly? Sprucing up the stairs with plenty of tinsel? And will you be opting for a real pine tree like a spruce or faking it with an artificial number? Or maybe you’ve got your Christmas trees and decorations up nice and early already? Whether you’re a Christmas elf who loves to go OTT with the fairy lights and festive ornaments or a Grinch who avoids putting up decorations altogether, read on to find out about the Christmas decorating happening in other people’s homes. Plus, we’re rounding up the big Christmas decoration trends for 2018 and our product picks for the trends.

When do your Christmas Decorations go up?

When it comes to Christmas traditions, families like to do things differently and when decorations go up is something that seems to vary a lot from home to home. The majority of people who responded to our recent poll of the Bump, Baby & You community told us that their decorations are hung sometime in early to mid-December with 538 people telling us that early December decorating was their style.

However, some admitted to getting the festive vibe going far earlier by putting decorations up in November (138). If that all sounds a bit keen to you, 59 respondents told us they put decorations up in the week running up to Christmas. We suspect that some of those who choose a real Christmas tree are among this number. It seems the over whelming majority (685) now have a fake tree with only 82 saying they stick with a real fir tree. There’s nothing quite like the smell of a real Christmas tree but admittedly, the shedding pine needles and branches can be a lot to handle if you have a baby, toddler or pets in the home!

Christmas decorating traditions in some homes are also dictated by other family events such as family birthdays. Others said that making homemade Christmas decorations each year was one of your family traditions.

Sam Louise “We just made a new garland ready for Xmas, it’s my favourite time of year.”

Emily “Last year decorations were up before Halloween!

Chelsea Louise “It’s tradition in our family to put our tree up on the 1st of December (also my birthday!) as well as decorations and then the cards are wrote out and sent the same week. On the 1st of January we pack up our decorations and our tree and begin the new year afresh.”

To send Christmas cards or not?

Sending Christmas cards is an old Christmas tradition that can be a really lovely way of letting someone know that you’re thinking of them come Christmas time. On the opposite side of the argument, a lot of people do worry about the environmental impact of all that paper and card hitting bins once Christmas is over.

In our home, we do send cards as we have lots of friends and relatives who live far away that we don’t get to visit often. Plus, I’d much rather write a nice message than call someone. I’m weird like that! I have found fitting in time to write out cards a bit of a struggle since becoming a mum, and I wondered if I was the only one.

According to the Bump community, there were a small number of mums who were worried about not being able to find the time this year (21) but the majority (384) do send Christmas cards. A slightly lower number (206) said that they choose not to send cards. Of course, not everyone chooses to celebrate Christmas but it seems that for the time being, sending Christmas cards is a trend that’s here to stay. We love seeing Christmas cards used to decorate homes. Not only do they look lovely, but we like to recycle them for crafting too.

Lanette said: “I think Christmas cards are lovely and that more people should send them. They’re a super quick reminder that people are thinking of you during the holiday season.”

Christmassy Looks We Love for 2018

Are you looking for some Christmas decoration ideas to help make your baby’s first Christmas extra special? We’ve noticed some distinct decorating trends emerging over the last few months. Here are some of the Christmas decorating trends we’re predicting will be big for Christmas 2018.

Traditional Christmas Decorations

Some people choose set colours for all their decorations and ornaments, others go for a character theme such as Disney. But one trend that’s really taking over for all aspects of Christmas decorating this year is retro Christmas nostalgia. From paper garlands through to super kitsch mulled wine mugs and old-fashioned Christmas baubles, lots of the shops are offering up a taste of Christmas past to help us feel extra festive. This might mean concentrating on traditional Christmas colours like green and red or incorporating items such as candles or refillable advent calendars. I absolutely love this trend – every time I see a kitsch 80s bauble I’m transported back to watching Santa Claus the Movie in my new pjs!

Denver Red Wooden Light-Up Advent Calendar

This stunning traditional with a modern twist wooden advent calendar lights up on a 6 hour timer – the kids are bound to adore this, and will want to make it part of Christmas tradition for years to come!You can find it here*.

Personalised Baubles

Lots of people told us that they like to include getting a new bauble as part of their Christmas traditions. This might include each child choosing a new decoration for the tree, or buying an ornament as a Christmas Eve Box filler. Thankfully retailers and sellers on places like etsy are fully behind the trend and there are some gorgeous bauble’s for baby’s 1st Christmas, family Christmas baubles or items like Mummy and Daddy’s first Christmas baubles too. We’ve fallen in love with a bunch of them, so watch out for a dedicated post coming up.

Total Christmas Interiors And Exteriors Take Over

Lots of us have a box of Christmas decorations and fairy lights we get out year after year. However, increasingly, people are going all and launching a total Christmas interiors take over. From Christmas decorations for the kitchen and bathroom through to decorations on the windows, front lawn and garlands on the stairs with a wreath on the door, for some of you, there isn’t such a thing as ‘too Christmassy’!

Charlotte said: “I have every single room done up, even the bathroom! Special towels, we use special cups, special bed sheets! We have everything apple and cinnamon scented and fairy lights everywhere!”

Lots of families choose to dress up the outside of their house too, it’s pretty trendy these days for neighbours to compete for the most jazzy Christmas house!

Glitter Reindeer Family Outdoor Christmas Lights

Decorations dedicated to family are really popular this year – this reindeer family would look beautiful in your front garden this yuletide, especially if it represents a new little family. You can find it here*.

8 Star Christmas Projector Stake Lights

Projectors are always a very popular Christmas decoration choice, as they’re simple, require relatively little setup or maintenance, and always look amazing. You can find this one here*.

Gorgeous lighting options are very popular around Christmas, particularly with the little ones! It’s amazing how much difference the right lighting can make to the ambience of your Christmas decorations – we’re loving the choices over at Lights4Fun, their Christmas range is phenomenal and fantastic quality.

String of 10 Reindeer Fairy Lights

These reindeer fairy lights are gorgeous and would look lush strung across the mantelpiece! You can find them here*.

Osby Trio Star Christmas Window Lights

This trio of stars is simple yet elegant and adds a little extra magic! You can find it here*.

Harewood Christmas Reindeer Glass Dome

Awww, this is adorable, and sure to be a popular purchase so be quick! You can find this decoration here*.


DIY and Edible Decorations

Whether it’s fuelled by the big retro Christmas vibe or a desire to keep the kids entertained, cven friends who aren’t particularly crafty have been telling us they’re going to make decorations this year, largely thanks to some of the great kits available online. You could keep it super simple with pine cones or pom poms if you want though. And of course, you don’t need to sew or stick for something to be homemade.  Sweets in mason jars with Christmas ribbon are a lovely decoration to welcome people into your home. Or you could have a go at making an edible gingerbread house, though how long it decorates for will depend on how long you resist eating it!

Protecting Your Decorations

Once bought, Christmas decorations can become part of your family traditions, so it’s best to store them safely and securely. No one wants to find their favourite baubles smashed up after a year stuck in the loft! Lots of our Mummies and Daddies told us that they look forward to retrieving their boxes of decorations every year, if you’re in need of a suitable storage solution plasticboxshop has some unique and sturdy options for storing lots of different types of ornaments.

Decorations Storage Set

This set is fantastic for ensuring all your decorations are safe and sound. The central organiser container is perfect for baubles and very popular with our followers. You can find this set here*.

24 Compartment Bauble Box

If you’re just after a bauble box, you don’t need to buy a set – this 24 compartment bauble box is perfect for storing away trinkets and baubles safely. You can find it here*.

Pack of 2 90 litre Storage Containers

Wow, this is definitely a bargain, especially if you have lots of decorations to store away. This sort of storage container is a popular option, as they are waterproof and very sturdy, more so than cardboard boxes. You can find this deal here*.

Christmas Tree Tub

Perfect for real Christmas trees, watertight and with a water reservoir to help reduce needle drop, this will help to store your beautiful authentic tree and keep it looking fresh for longer. You can find it here*.

Christmas Card Craft Set With Organiser

This organiser is perfect for craft lovers, and comes with a card making craft kit, so that your children can make pretty festive cards to add to the delightful decorations. You can find this here*.

We hope this post has you feeling suitably festive. Which is the one Christmas decoration you love? Are you all about fairy lights or do you have a sentimental ornament that you love to see on your tree?


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