Family Christmas Day Traditions To Start in 2018

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear, so will you be singing carols round the lunch table on Christmas Day this year? Having a new baby in the house or a toddler who is starting to understand the whole Christmas thing may mean you’re starting to think about the experiences you’d like to have as a family. Not sure what your December 25th is going to look like? Need some ideas for special things you can do with your little one? Behold, we surveyed the Mums and Dads in our Facebook page to find out what traditions they uphold in their homes and discovered lots of very classic festive fun along with some quirkier Christmas activities passed through the generations.

When Do You Open Christmas Presents?

We had over 1,000 votes in our Christmas Say traditions poll, which posed important queries like: When do you open your presents? Now, most parents don’t expect a lie in on Christmas Day, so we weren’t surprised to learn that an overwhelming majority (1006) families open their presents in the morning with only 73 opening theirs in the afternoon. Most said they start with opening stockings and several Mums said they dip in and out of present opening throughout the day. There were also a few families who open presents as part of their Christmas Eve traditions. In some homes, extra decorating takes place on December 24th with doors to the living room wrapped with Christmas paper.

Katie: “Kids always wake early so their stockings from Santa that get left on their beds, they can sit and open. Then we all come downstairs. We don’t put any presents under the tree until they’ve gone to bed Xmas Eve. So their faces are a picture. Unless we have to go anywhere or have guests it’s pj’s all day. Building toys, making things… Proper family time.”

A Special Christmas Day Breakfast

Food is at the centre of so many Christmas traditions and lots of families told us that they don’t wait until dinner to get started on the festive goodies. In fact, 361 people said they have a special Christmas Day breakfast with everything from sausage rolls or bacon and egg butties to croissants with cream served up and glasses of bucks fizz for the grownups too. Want to keep it Christmassy yet simple? Christmas tree crumpets are always a winner and are great for baby led weaning.

A Family Walk

When you look back on your own childhood, chances are, it’s not how many presents you got that you remember but the quality fun times spent with family and friends. Some families choose to for a walk on Christmas Day to blow the cobwebs away, say hi to the neighbours or burn off some of the calories from all the dinner and chocolates. Whether they head for a wander after breakfast, dinner or mid-afternoon, 91 families told us they like to incorporate a family walk into their day. It’s a great way to stop little ones to take a nap, which can be tricky when they’re over stimulated with all the noise and visitors. A quick walk in the fresh air is also a convenient way to escape uninvited parenting advice from Auntie Margaret. So, will you be wrapping up warm and stepping outside?

Samantha: “We do stockings first thing and a nice breakfast with bucks fizz. Then have presents throughout the day in bursts. We have a family walk too.”

Lily: “I wrap the living room door up, make sure Santa has left his foot prints in the hallway. Leave Stockings on the door handles to our bedrooms. My eldest gets up about 9am and comes into my room, we all stay in our pyjamas and unwrap the stockings. I then make everyone eat breakfast (normally snacks!) Then my eldest and 1 year old will break through the paper in the front room!.”

Watch the Queen’s Speech

It’s been a big year for the Royal Family, but is that reason enough for you to watch the Queen’s speech this year? A respectable 71 people told us that they like to tune into the speech and if you’d like to tune in with a Baileys or selection box in hand, she’ll be addressing her subjects at 3pm for around ten minutes.

Go to Church

Christmas is a Christian festival when even non-regular church goers like to head to a service.  Christmas carols, communions or midnight mass are activities that 41 Bump, Baby & You parents voted to tell us they’d be scheduling for December 25th. For some parents, there’s also an opportunity to see friends and family and wish them a merry Christmas at church.

This is just a snippet of the festive fun that our community has planned this year. Also on the agenda will be plenty of toy assembly, game playing, snuggling on sofas in front of Christmas films or Christmas music playing all day long while families lounge in pyjamas or wear their new outfits.

If you’re experiencing your very first Christmas as a parent, you may want to capture some of the magic on camera with our First Christmas photography tips. Or how about planning a Christmas craft activity for the mid-afternoon lull? If you want to enjoy some Christmas movies, make sure you check out this handy list. But whatever you do, if you think hanky panky might be on the cards, read our article: No sex please, it’s Christmas.


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