Mother And Child Bond

1. Our bond – I Wouldn’t normally post a photo like this … (purely because of how gross I think i look) but i wanted to show the true meaning of mother and child bond. This is how Mason likes to fall asleep. He’s perfectly capable of self settling in his own bed but this is what makes him happy.

2. Beating stereorypes – For a child with autism he loves cuddles and being close to me, I’m his comfort. Stereotypically, autistic children prefer to be alone and want their own personal space all the time. I was worried when he got diagnosed that we wouldnt have a bond but Thankfully Mason is the total opposite to the steriotype. I’m the person he follows around all day like a little lost puppy. He is under my feet when I’m trying to clean, he follows me upstairs when I’m brushing my teeth, I don’t get to even go to the toilet alone unless I’m at work! He’s so loving and gives me random kisses and hugs. Mason never let’s me sit on a separate chair to him, we have to sit together at all times. He will never walk without holding my hand and he reaches out for a hug when he’s hurt or sad.

The Downside to our bond: On the flip side as his mother I am also the person he takes all his anger out on. I also get all his frustration and sensory overloads but I don’t mind being his person to vent towards. Children need some place to air their anxiety, stress and sadness and I am that person, I am his safety net. I would much rather he look his frustration out on me than his teachers, older relatives or his peers. These cuddles to sleep are the moments I’ll cherish forever because they’re so precious and it won’t always be like this. Pure love and mother and child bond.

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