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My Changing Body

by Katie.and.mason

I want to talk about mum tums, stretch marks, hair loss and all things post partum body related. I am now 2.5 years post partum and these days I live in stretchy jeans and big jumpers because it’s what I feel comfortable in and it hides my mum tum well.

My pre baby size was a size 6. I felt very confident and happy with my body and my figure. At this point in my life I never exercised or ate well, yet I was tiny! I was clothes obsessed and always wore tight fitted clothes.

Fast forward 2.5 years and I’m over a stone heavier, nearly 2 dress sizes bigger than what I used to be and 2 whole bra sizes smaller than before. So not only have I gained weight but 5 months of breast feeding have caused me to now be flat chested…literally! My hair hasn’t stopped falling out since having my baby! It’s still to this day weak and brittle. My tummy has loose skin from growing a 7lb 4oz small human for 9 months, my body has changed loads.

I would be lying if I said i was happy with my body now. I exercise regularly and eat a healthier diet than before but I just struggle to get toned and lose weight no matter how much effort I put in. As a mother of a toddler I find it so hard to juggle work, childcare and finding time to exercise as much as I would like to. Recently I’ve felt very body conscious, I’m unhappy with my weight and my flat chest but then I have a reality check and I look at my little boy and i think…so what? He doesn’t care what I look like! He loves me regardless of how I look or what shape I am. In fact he loves to cuddle into my stomach! Sure, I would love my pre baby body back in a dream world but do you know what? I’m proud of this body because I grew my baby inside me for 9 months, I went through hours of labour to give birth to him. I had several stitches after a second degree tear. I now have small and saggy breasts after i spent 5 months breast feeding him.

Us women go through so much and so do our bodies when we have children. What we mothers have achieved is incredible and we should all be so proud of ourselves. Our bodies are magical, they can grow, birth and feed a baby. Our babies are so much more important than body image, they love us for who we are and so should we! I’ve managed to get to the point now where if I want that piece of chocolate cake I’ll have it, who cares! As long as I’m not going crazy and becoming unhealthy then I should be allowed a treat. Embrace our mum tums, we are all beautiful ladies!

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